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I'm wondering how many people on here have used online tools in teaching a class, and what successes or problems they encountered.

Change: Education, Learning, and Technology
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I have used online tools for a while - gen chem, analytical chem etc. I am a strong believer when there the system facilitates interaction and collaboration.
Kyla Ross, your colleague used OpenStudy a lot in her A&P classes last summer.
I didn't see your previous post,that you had used OpenStudy sorry.

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Other answers:

No problem. Kyla is the one who got me interested in Open Study. My first use of it did not work (none of my students accessed it). So I went back to using our WebCT/Blackboard LMS (uLearn) to do some online work. I'm now working with blogs and ePortfolios with students. I'm glad to see a chemist. One of the issues I've had with increasing online collaboration and study is the information dense nature of Biology. One of the main courses I've taught for the last few years is our major's introduction to biology, and there is so much material that they have to begin mastering to handle the upper division courses. I'm struggling with how to "make sure" students are getting the material they need for their advanced classes.
Oh, and open study has changed since I last came on. I need to spend some time and tour the site.
We're a small college in the Arctic and we are just starting to explore distance education with pilot projects. This is an amazing introduction to a lot of new things!
JBell, you said that you had started to explore distant learning. What are you thinking of offering?
I am not a teacher, but user&admin of Wikidot- wikis ( see - they are often used by "education" people and for there classes.. it is free ( and usefulle) for Schools/Universities ("education": see extra features: !)
Helmuti-pdorf: Thanks for the infomation. I'll look into it.

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