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As a related question to lewismal's earlier question on using multiple social network feeds, can anyone provide guidance on what they find as effect tools for blogs, rss readers, etc...? I know of a few, but I curious as to other people are using.

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Hrm, that is a pretty general question. I suppose the relevant follow up would be, for what context? For a small personal blog, I have found Posterous to work well for me. Low barrier to entry and multiple ways to post. I find the concept of Tumblr quite useful for aggregation in a "less-Twitter-yet-still-stream-approach." For reading RSS feeds, I use Google Reader, and I also use an application for Android called Pulse on my phone. Many people rely on tablet applications like Flipboard for RSS feeds. On the desktop, I rely heavily on Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter accounts. It works well for lists and aggregating different topics into separate bins. Of course, the grunt work is still in setting up your Twitter Lists. Happy to expand if there is something more specific you had in mind. I think (If This Than That) will become a powerful tool in the near future. It leverages existing APIs and it helps mesh some of the utility across your social media accounts. For example, it can back up your Tweets automatically in Evernote.
Thanks. That helps, and you've mentioned some services and sites I did not know about.
Thanks, this is very helpful for me as well.

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Other answers:

Posterous and Tumblr are both quite easy to get started with. If you decide you want more power and customizability, then Wordpress. Google Reader is the best web client for RSS that I know of, I use MobileRSS on the iPad (I find Flipboard pretty but too slow for reading a lot of feeds). For Twitter, I think Hootsuite is the best web app, Yorufukurou on the Mac, Tweetdeck on Windows (though I finally just went with Hootsuite there too). I'm still using the official Twitter app on the iPad.
Hi RAM, I use my iGoogle home page to collect all of my RSS feeds from Google reader, all of my bookmarks with Google bookmarks, and I link in my Facebook and Twitter pages so I get an overview of what's happening in my PLN just in one page.
I do the same thing and it works well.

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