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70/100 in lowest terms and decimal please

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can I interrupt for a moment?
7/10 .7

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Other answers:

What is 1/1 in decimal form?
right. what is 1/2 in decimal form?
lol nice free
7/10 =0.70
umm .50
good. Keep going... what is 1/3 in decimal form?
0.333 going on
lol im just going to watch
awesome. what is 1/4 in decimal form?
lol 0.25
why is 1/4 .25?
I feel like I'm in 1rst grade again :3
I kinda knew.. those were easy ones
oh noo
It's the same kind of problems that are stumping you. So if you can solve these, you can build up to the bigger ones with confidence.
:D thanks you sound like my father... he used to always tell me that
what is 1/10 in decimal form?
Think of 70/100 if it ends with 0, it will be a factor of 10.
Okay, now one step more difficult. what is 3/12 in decimal form?
there's not a question mark on it, but otherwise, awesome. :)
thats 0.25
haha thanks
Okay, so try this one more just a little harder. what is 5/12 in decimal form?
Take a minute...
It's a tricky one.
5/12 = 0.42
A hint that might help is that you know 12 is a multiple of 4.
why did you say .42?
they already round it off
i said first
Free's trying to help her learn guys.
hayden hes teaching her man
good work freetrader keep it up
ah ok !
seems online tution is going on by a lecturer
It goes on forever. That was the tricky part.
Numbers u in which grade ?
I messed up sorry!! 0.416 keep going on
IM in high school
You did not mess up, just thinking about why you rounded it off is good for your brain.
Okay, try 3/15 in decimal form.
Notice, none of these fractions require simplification yet.
until now.
Can you simplify 3/15 ?
No that just shows that I will never learn anything nor graduate
and the answer is 1/5
wich is wrong
Of course you can. What factors do 3 and 15 have in common? 3 has only 1, 3 while 15 has 1,3,5,15. so your fraction is going to have to have either 1 or 3 in the top, and 1,3,5,or 15 in the bottom.
It's right, you should have more confidence in your answers xD
xD but I'm not smart everyone in my math class think I will never learn even my teacher
xD but I'm not smart everyone in my math class think I will never learn even my teacher
xD but I'm not smart everyone in my math class think I will never learn even my teacher
Try this one, using the same method not by heart: 2/4
Numbers, reject your teachers assessment.
show me your your work from 2/4 to 1/2, please?
don't think like that. fuc \[\kappa\]them lmao
sure.. 2/2=1 2/4=2
Lol :)
Lol :)
What I mean is, what numbers are inside 2 as factors, and what numbers are inside 4?
do it for yourself and just prove them wrong lol
r u guyz indians??
1,2 and 1,2,4
LOl!! um I dont understand what you are saying
those are like the letters inside the words that are numbers.
oooh I see
What makes you think that?...
hayden i am
diff combos of factors make numbers and being able to see them or find them is how to simplify fractions.
guys let them focus ....
When I try to simplify huge fractions that's how I think of it. There are shortcut ways to identify when you can divide by certain numbers which help, but you have to divide out the biggest number that appears in the top and the bottom in common.
1,2 and 1,2,4 so divide out the 2 in both the top and bottom. 2/4 2 divided by 2 is 1 and 4 divided by 2 is 2 and we see 2/4 is simplified as 1/2.
here is the question 4 u guyzz ....Sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9. When we interchange the digits it is found that the resulting new number is greater than the original number by 27. What is the two-digit number?

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