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Happy birthday ishaan ------|_|_|_|-------- -----|********|------ ----|**********|----- ---| HAPPY |---- --| BIRTHDAY|---|

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Wow!!! That is amazing Lana!!!! :D It looks better than what Saifoo might put! :D IKERU!!!!
wow! It's supercool Thanks Lana Sensei :D
Sensei Lana *

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Other answers:

hehehe ENjoy it as much as you can
Can you make a picture of presents? I'm just wondering if that is possible. :)
おかげで先生 Lana :D
If you translate it in English it shows Dr. but I meant sensei .... Bad Google Translator
Thanks Diya
hehehe i jus translated it hehe Dr XD
yay Birthday Metal Paritie !!!
Hauoli La Hanau/ Happy Birthday/ d(◣‿◢)b Lana gave me the link
Omg Ishaan!!!! That is so cute!!!! xD
^_^ It's Lana's link
its for you :D
happy birthday ishaan. forgot to wish you happy bday lol
happy birthday ishaan bhaiya may god bless u
hey ishaan happy birthday hope you mature!!lol enjoy your day!!!
so boring akshay :P
lol lana!! i hav wished him 4 times before i do not know what to put now :P
well make them 5 :P
well this is 5th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHAAN PARTNER!!!! Enjoy your day.....
is this okay?
haha and im sensei xD
oh just a sesnsi? lol :P
i am a superhero
sensei's are cool i shake now lol
HBD~ ISHAAN~! xDD I was stupid saying hbd yesterday *sihg*
i dont like to
happy birthday
wow nilankshi you took a long time for that :D
Hay Thanks Partner !!! Lol hmm I will try my best to mature a little and become a little responsible
\[\color{salmon}{\Huge{\text{Jiggle Sensei Jiggle :)}}}\]
lol ishaan little responsible hehe!!
happy birthday once again
once again o.O???? did you grow my 2 years huh?
do not cheat ishaan!!
I finally go to learn how to blush in \(\LaTeX\) hmm what is your favorite color Lana ?
green lol i believe
my favorite color, mmm... WHITE hehe
\[\color{white}{\Huge{: \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$ : \$}}\]
hehehehehehe seee how beautiful that looks xD
Indeed :D Lol
heheh i never had a fun post before xD
well it time for you to blush now Lana..... But my lips are sealed lol
haha i already did ^ up ther
oh lol
ishaan we all want treat i am rite
12 November
may 31'st =D
well i celebrate my bday everyday
lol whens urs diya
mine is closer then all of u
i know akshays birthday
o.O i dont know
how do you know huh?
ohhh close :D, AKSHAY YOU TOLD ME
did i??? :O i dont remember
8 th july :D
i know!!!!!! x(
\[\color{red}{\Huge{\text{happy birthday!!}}}\] \[\color{green}{{\text{i hope you have plans for something more fun that sitting at a computer!}}}\]
yea I do...Thanks Satellite :D
Happy Birthday, Ishaan :)
ishaan bhaiya aapko to gift mil gaya 11 medals ka
Happy Birthday Ishaan :D
i am late...but nevr mind..happy birthday ishaan
Haha There was a party without me..? nyc =)
there was no party;(
omg... i think i m the latest here >< but still, happy belated birthday ishaan!!! :D
Happy super belated birthday Ishaan!

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