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Do any of you have suggestions to determine how effective a course was? Especially if you are changing elements of it? Qualitative studies have never been my strong suit, so I am looking for reference materials or advice.
Change: Education, Learning, and Technology
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DId people change the way they think about an issue? This is relaved in the words they use before and after a course, even during. Did they link up with with others and stay in touch for learning & collaboration? What do people say in thier blogs or microblogging?
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I have also been experimenting with all sorts of technology in my courses. The only way to finally determine whether one approach is better than another is to conduct simultaneous classes, one taught traditionally and the other using the new techniques and determine whether one or the other group proves more successful in discussions, and particularly exams. This would have to be done with at least three or four pairs of identical courses in order to determine whether it is the teaching method, the class qualifications, or just what accounts for the change if there is any change. I know that a statistical test can be developed to deal with this issue.

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