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Hi, I'm 5'3 and a half or 5'4. I'm 16, a sophmore, and i currently way 101 lbs. I'm trying to gain weight by gaining muscle. I'm doing intense workouts every other day, and drinking up protein shakes after each workout. Now my question for you is: Do my muscles need to have veins popping out (meaning that they look clealry visible on your muscle) in order for me to know that i did a good workout?? Becaus i used to think that, and it did happen to me...but lately I think I've still been doing good workouts, but my veins aren't popping out on my biceps as much anymore.
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I'm not a personal trainer however after talking to one, supposedly the goal for muscle building is to feel a burn after a workout. It's supposed to signify that you tore the muscle fibers which requires your body to rebuild more of it to adapt.
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burn just means lactic acid buildup, which means you spent your oxygen stores. Once you have lifted a lot, you may no longer "feel the burn" after a workout. If you want to gain mass, do heavy weights with low reps such as 4 sets of 6 reps. Important though is nutrition, which you are on the right track, and quality rest; quality rest means atleast 48 hours between workouts for a single muscle group. Nutrition means eating lots of calories, not fat or sweets though, to give your body the energy it needs. Lots of resources online to help with all of this.

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