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Hi, can anyone suggest a good book to suppplement the video lectures ?

OCW Scholar - Single Variable Calculus
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You probably already know about this, but if not: That's the class page that corresponds to this course. They recommend George F. Simmons, Calculus with Analytic Geometry, 2nd edition on there. That's too expensive for me to buy now though lol. You can go here and see the all the courses and their actual class pages, for whichever OCW program you're studying. I think there should be all the recommended books and other materials on those pages. Hope I something in what I wrote was useful, and not all just obvious stuff you know already lol. I'm new to this OCW, so I just wrote out what I understand so far. --Peter.
One of the MIT links is to a free online textbook by Gilbert Strang. Also, in case you haven't checked, used bookstores are awash in cheap calculus textbooks, some of which are quite good. I found one by Salas and Hille which I like very much, for around ten dollars. And I recently saw a new paperback in my local Barnes and Noble, called "Calculus Lifesaver", for around $20. It is intended as a supplement, and is full of extended explanations and examples of things that give people trouble in calculus.
I have looked at the downloadable Strang textbook, but found the print quality very poor and difficult to read.

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Other answers:

There is an online resource called Kahn Academy which has a pretty good detailed description of just about everything associated with Calc.
Its free and you don't have to sign up for anything.
Here is a link to Prof. Gilbert Strang's textbook. I like it a lot.
If you don't want to go the Strang route, "Single Variable Calculus" by Stewart worked well for me.
"Calculus" by Michael Spivac is another excellent option

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