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I'm starting a feed back thread here: Post any errors or glitches that you see here :) I'm starting a feed back thread here: Post any errors or glitches that you see here :) @OpenStudy Feedbac…

OpenStudy Feedback
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\[\Huge \checkmark\]
Not sure if you guys have got to this yet.. When you type in chat it doesn't expand the box like it used to when you type lots (Firefox 6, winXP).
im using chromium, ubuntu.

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Other answers:

Hm. It'd be nice if the box that displays "Online" would be according to what level you where in each one. It'd be more convenient as of the moment, my mathematics box is lined toward the bottom of the page.
mine is on the top.
Until you kicked me out.
It used to be a filter for unanswered questions on the left side.
I want it to go back to showing only ONE group at a time. I want the writing group. I don't want to see a bunch of math and physics, too. I hate it, and I may not be back, if it doesn't change.
Peeps, you should just leave the other groups then.
@Peeps, yes, Just join the one group and only the writing will be displayed :)
I'm only in 2 groups, and I am seeing many more than that.
You mean the questions on the left hand side? or...
If someone tags more that one group that will show too, I think some people are just tagging everything, I think we'll have to work out something to stop having questions in the wrong groups.
Yeah, the @ tags can be easily abused by trols. My suggestion was to let moderators delete the tags that redirect to their own groups
Wow that is an innovative idea.
yes, sounds good, and while I am at it, the ability to hide answered questions really would be nice to see again ( or not see :-P )
Yeah, I've put up that recommendation, that button would be nice to have back
I mailed it some hours ago with other recommendation to the contact mail
hi all, this is really helpful. Please keep listing your bugs and or major pet peeves here.
pratu043 profile is specially slow. He cannot see his medals list, and i couldnt watch it... check at it please
the ability to remain in groups but hide selected groups questions until revealed again, but leaving the chat tabs available, maybe a notification of new questions that briefly pops up above the chat tab to draw attention if that groups questions are hidden
interesting idea Manin. And yes, we'll be looking into the profile performance.
A user suggested having a more dim site than it currently is so it can limit their usage of battery power on phones and other electronics used to communicate with this site.
@Katrina, you know you can turn brightness down on such devices.
Yes I already suggested that to that user, but apparently, some long term uses such as phones do not have those features
Page brightness has a relatively small effect on battery life; screen brightness a much bigger one.
tried to say hello to someone called sangay in chat, it kept changing what i typed to sanaloft...
oh and it does it here too for the first instance of sanaloft above read 's a n g a y'
another peeve is that some people like to delete their questions after being answered quite often without awarding medals, it would seem that they dont want to share answers with others, maybe make it such that a question thread once answered/replied to cannot be deleted except by a moderator or other responsible person...
Definitely a great idea, thanks! And thanks for mentioning the issue with the name. It's our filter being a little overly aggressive. We'll fix that up!

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