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Help Asap I don't get it. I stands for 1.02

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what are the instructions?

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Other answers:

In the following equation, T = , l stands for the length of the string in feet. Convert your 5 string lengths into feet by dividing by 12 (12 inches = 1 foot). Then, substitute each of these values into the given equation and solve for T (time for one period). Use 3.14 for π. Record these new measurements in the chart below.
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the length is 1.02
so all five of you string measurements were 1.02 feet?
no i only need one i did the other onew last week i just forgot how to do it
type this into your calculaotr 2 * 3.14 * Sqrt(1.02/32)
nothing measures 1.02 feet its 10 inches
so your string measured 10 inches?
but i had to calculate the in seconds and i got 10.2 so you divide it by 10 and get 1.02
then plug 1.02 into the equation
ok so 1 ft = 12 in.. therefore 10 in = 10/12 of a ft.
the length of your string = 10/12 ft = .833333 ft
use .833 ft as I
now natalie if you dont mind me asking...
what is it that you are measureing?
haha jp dont answer that
eyust, you didn't just ask that... :| on OS...? wow lol, that's something
a pendulum lol
mm hmmm
nat do you get it tho?
no cuz i try to do it with the other answer i did a week ago and it doesn't match
so if you do with 0.79 instead what do you get
i got 0.785398163397448
you should get 1.01342... as your final answer
what are all the values of l in inches?
I is in ft i believe
"l stands for the length of the string in feet."
retarded... lol but thats how they did it
no its in inches lol
so then you're converting given length values in inches to l, which is length in feet... right?
10 inches divide by 10 = 1.02 then you plug 1.02 into the equation where you see i goes 1.02
10 inches =(10/12)ft =0.833
then what is the answer
i being on problem for like 5 hours
lol its 1.01.....
let x be the value of lengths in inches, hence converting to ft, x inches = (x/12)ft
\[2 * 3.14 * \sqrt{(10/12)/32 }\]
can you give me the hole #
put the value of l in the equation and punch it into your calculator. mine isn't working so i can't participate in the calculation :(
so the answer is 1.01374
thank you. As you guys see math its not for me
=P yea that one was poorly worded
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lets do that later after school though, bye now :) and g'night for u
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