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What is the cause of gravity ? What is the cause of gravity ? @Physics

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Two bodies are attracted to each other according to the following law: \[G \frac{m1m2}{r^2}\] Now, the Earth has a huge mass, so it attracts pretty much everything smaller on its surface (and not only there :)) So there we have it, gravity.
mass I guess not sure though
- so i think that the cause of gravity is the magnetically property of the Earth what provide from the rotation of Earth

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Other answers:

Gravity its different from Magnetism, they are two phenomena apart with different characteristics. If you give a rotation to a magnetic field you do not get gravity. Gravity as only to do with the mass or, if you ant to use geometry in four dimensions: gravity its the bending of space-time.
The short answer is scientists do not know what causes gravity. The long is as follows. Newton first found a mathematical model which accurately predicts how macroscopic bodies(i.e rocks, people, planets, stars, etc) interact with each other. This Newtonian model is called the universal law of graviation. It states in words the the force between to bodies is the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance of their separation times the gravitational constant. Newton's basic assumption was that time is a constant; meaning that regardless of the speed of travel the interval of one second remained the same. What Einstein proposed was that let us assume that time is not a constant. The results of that assumption led him to his General Theory of Relativity. This theory corrected experimental inconsistencies found in Newton's theory. It also predicted that gravity caues light to bend. Scientists are currently pursuing what is called the Higgs Boson which if the theory is corret and if found may be what causes gravity. It is an area of active research so your question of what causes gravity is a great question. I hope this was helpful
It has nothing to do with magnetic properties of the Earth. As explained, we don't really KNOW what causes gravity. But we do know that in this universe, every single mass is attracted by a force to every single other mass, which is relative to the magnitude of the masses and the distance between them. We can't explain why this occurs, just that it does, and follows the laws as set out by early Newtonian mechanics.

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