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what would be the best programming language for the beginners?

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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python is better language for beginners.. that clear all the programming concept & build up your mind as programmer..
I think it varies a lot from people to people. I had a nice run in Python (and intend to get back to it later, surely), but I think Pascal, C, Python, etc. should be fine. If you are a real starter, you should check Scratch from MIT, looks kind of 'childish', maybe, but it really cements the basics.
There are as many answers to that question as there are computer languages. IMO, just pick a good class, it almost doesn't matter which language they use. I think MIT 6.0 was a pretty good class for me.

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Other answers:

I think it's really good to start working on web applications and get a solid grasp of PHP, javascript and HTML etc... If you can grasp the logic you can pick anything up..
Python is the perfect language to start with if you're on your own. I think Coffeescript is really interesting, if anyone's interested in a really cute, high level language that compiles to JavaScript. But to answer your question, I'd recommend Python or possibly Ruby if you're thinking web, web, web. Stay clear of anything beginning with C and Java for a first language to self-teach. Go for higher level stuff to begin with. Python's the one.
Aakash Pandey well probably any OOP based language Objective C is pretty popular right now the thing is if you know core programming techniques and terms you can program with just about any API a high level language is probably best there are alot of methods prebuilt to do complicated math so if you aren't good at math you aren't dead in water anymore. I have 7th grad education and consider myself a decent programmer
I think Objective C is popular mainly due to it being the language for iDevelopment. I'm not sure it'd be so popular if it wasn't the Apple Language. I dunno; it's all down to the individual, but Python is the most popular answer to this question.
well the difference between C and Objective-C are some pre built classes that you can use to do things like complex math without knowing allot about Mathematics. C++ is also a C* programming language go lower than that and you get into low level languages such as lisp an FORTRAN go below that and u would be programming in complex binary good luck with that unless you can stand on the back of your chair and do var teraFlops:flipflop = atomic_kitty without touching the floor. And suddenly reality strikes. Don't worry about learning a specific language just make a long list of all the possibilities for High Level Object Oriented OOP base languages such as Objective-C close your eyes point then ignore all the prebuilt classes and identify and learn the CORE programming concepts such as dynamic variables static variables,arrays,strong typing var myNewString:String = "this is my input string now apply some method that will modify this data and output the result and store it in an array or some data container". I could go on but I'm not writing a book. I really like FLASH but its slowly dying so install eclipse and learn JAVA/JAVA script it is used in HTML5 or should I say HTML pretty extensively today and J query is also interesting to study. --calmchessplayer

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