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can someone help me find some thing about the mayan contribution to our culture pretty please
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"The Mayan people in Yucatan, Guatemala produced the highest achievements of the classical era. They adopted many ideas and practices from Teotihuacán, built temples, palaces, observatories, overcame barren soil through irrigation and terracing, grew squash, chili peppers, maize, produced and traded metalwork, cotton cloth, chipped stone tools, and had a media of exchange for trade included cocoa beans, polished beads, salt, cloth. Mayan society was rigidly stratified, governed by hereditary priest-king, and considered descendant of sun god. Merchants and craftsmen were highly privileged. Religion permeated all aspects of life. Some human sacrifices tookplace though. Law and taxation had religious purposes. Education was to train priests. Mayans were more ritualistic than scientific. The most important achievements were a writing system, calendar, sophisticated mathematics based on 20, magnificent art, architecture: sculpture, mural painting, and fine crafts: weaving, ceramics, and jewelry." Sources:
  • babystar16
thank u so much. can u help me find mayan civilization pretty please

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