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Who came up with the convention of naming variables x and y, constants a, b and c (as in the equation y = ax^2 + bx + c), and using random greek letters to make math seem esoteric?

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oh and also using i, j, k, and m or n to denote integers
and using the letter u when applying the chain rule/integration by substitution

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Other answers:

Go to bed dude :P
Dont be rude =)
It was a joke :D
I did. It was a rainy afternoon, I was 5 and bored. I thought to myself: "I know! I'll standardize mathematical notation!" So I wrote it down with crayon on some very nice linen paper. My mother thought I was crazy, but little did she know. I posted it on a pin-board at my older brother's display at the science fair, and wouldn't you know it, a visiting professor of mathematics saw it, copied it, published it under his name, and the rest is history. But now you know the truth.
I like to use 't' first while substituting and then 'u'
and now we all know how old does James is ..
but I thought it was some fellow named 'Descartes'
This notation are being used more than 200 years ...
dude there was not single people ..
Descartes Rule of ......something I forgot the name I have a poor memory :(
Change your Memory =/
Indeed, there was not a single person. The process for this sort of this is very archaic, but people imitate other people and influential publications, and these things grow up over time. It's costly to change a convention once it's established in as much as the convention has value and conveys information; if you don't use the convention the then you need to explain your notation more often and the probability that what your writing will be -widely read diminishes. I'm sure there are several very boring Masters theses and probably even a book or two written about this sort of thing.
Probably written by a fellow named 'Dan Brown' :-D

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