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we all know how the world evolved but how did adam and eve come on earth?

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Human's creative mind maybe?
If you believe in scientific creationalism, it may be that they merely symbolise the first of the civilized people. The first to use their minds instead of mindlessly living. (definition of scientific creationalism: Science is merely the explanation of how God did everything, like the big bang, we know it as a suppressed particle smaller than an atom that exploded, thus creating matter. But the way the Bible expressed it is, first there was darkness, then there was light.)
Aliens bro.

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Other answers:

I think it's God, like Darwin said..
Thatreally depends on personal beliefs :P
Lol true, but evolution has been disproven so many times, mathematically, and it contradicts haha.. I did my research :)
Biblically...Adam and Eve were the first of a creation, the original man and woman created in God's image. They "came to earth" as the final part of God's creation of the planet. Scientifically...they are the referrence point of when man evolved to a particular point of conciousness, they refer to the first Homo Sapien Sapien. Mythologically...rather than try to define one Adam and one Eve as actual individuals in history they are better understood as characters in Middle Eastern myth. Prior to the expansion of global civilization, civilization had its birth place. The Fertile Crescent in modern day Iraq. Adam and Eve are the characters of tribal stories that survived from that era. Those stories, those myths described what was happening generationaly to the tribes in and around the Fertile Crescent. Matt71 is right, they do symbolize the first of civilized people moving away from a tribal lifestyle. But they were not of course the first to "use their minds, instead of mindlessly living". Countless tribes long before "Adam and Eve" became a story had been using their minds to live and where tribes still exist today, they're still using their minds.

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