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Is there a shortcut when foiling this equation: (6t^2-18t+12)^2

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I know that there is a shortcut when there are two terms within the bracket but I wonder if there is one for one with 3 terms
Im honestly not sure... Sorry
That was a profound answer so u deserve a medal

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Other answers:

Strobe u shld know the answer
Other than noting each time you multiply unlike terms you do this twice, so can just multiply by 2 the first time, I wouldn't say there's many optimisations you can make. These can be done so quickly in your head there's no point grinding over finding the quickest way, though.
Factor out the six, and realize you're really factoring out a six SQUARED. That makes the inside three terms a bit easier to square. \[(6t^2-18t+12)^2 = \left(6(t^2-3t+2)\right)^2= 6^2 (t^2-3t+2)^2 = 6^2\left((t-1)(t-2)\right)^2\] And if you wanna go nuts, that last step equals... \[6^2(t-1)^2\cdot(t-2)^2\] So yeah. Not exactly a walk through a daisy field, but slightly more manageable. :)
ya thanks everyone
I did it
what did u do?
I'm applying to a new school. I had a discussion with the admissions counselors and I decided to go through with it
U r so fast
Where r u applying to?
I don't mess around
Ottawa University
but the new term only starts like in a month and a half
I know. Now is a good time to start preparing
oh so next term you are gonna sign up with ottawa and this term you r gonna be where u r
But I thought they don't offer wht u want?
Actually, the next term begins 7 Jan 2012
So what courses r u gonna take?
I can just work on getting a degree in Math for right now.
The pace is appropriate for me. 8 weeks
I can get done with courses quick and focus the extra time doing other things I need to do.
but what courses are u taking?
Math Science courses right now, but each course is 3 and 1/2 weeks long and too dense.
no what courses r u gonna take next term?
Whatever courses are available. If you want, we can take the same courses.
but i am still in the begginning
I am taking next term linear algebra and calc 2
Okay, I've never taken linear algebra before but I can study up on it before I take it
I can take calc II again because I need to brush up
that wld be a waste of time and money
YOu shld get in touch with them
they may make u take like some kind of english course beforehand
They made me take this course first to get used to an online course
No they won't. I already have experience taking online courses. It's on my transcript
oh ok
so get in touch with them
and I've already taken English courses at this university
I already spoke with them already
idk u gotta ask them
u did????
Yes, I told you that already
oh so what did they say that u r in?
All I have to do is apply and send them my transcripts
oh so u r gonna do that. Are u totally doing it online?
I'll be doing the same thing you're doing
oh cool
I can't believe you've been on here all day
kind of. I went away for like 3 hrs but now I am back and don't know how to foil this. KIND OF EMABARRASSING
I can show you how to do it
I can show you how to do almost anything
well my lil sis is showing me now
Oh, okay :D
Another way to do it in case you're interested

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