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Which protein source is better Animal proteins or Plant proteins? why?

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animal because animal protein contain most of the essential protein but plant don have.
Their are more reason. i want you all to try.
if i am right there re 18 kind of essential amino acid

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Other answers:

opps, i was wrong in the previous post, sorry. 9 kind of essential amino acid and 11 kind of non essential amino acid. Plant only have non essential amino acid, while animal have both. Noted taht we human being also a kind of animal, that why animal protein is essential for our healthy diet
no i idea, same reason as hei gived i know dat one only plz give d reason w8in.. :)
Hei is right, the reason is because there are higher concentrations of amino acids that are essential within animal proteins than plant proteins. These amino acids can not be fabricated or manufactured within the human body alone. (Like vitamins) So you need to include these amino acids into your diet in order to stay healthy. The reason why they are so essential is because they are precursors to many compounds/chemicals that are used in the human body. The essential amino acids share a common characteristic, they are mostly bulky and complex in structure (many of them are aromatic) Take tryptophan (coded W) for example, it is a precursor to neurotransmitters and compounds such as serotonin and niacin (Vitamin B3). And also it is needed as a essential building block in the making of many vital cellular proteins. The structure of the amino acid overall dictates the chemical forces that are associated with it, since it is highly hydrophobic it can be used in conjunction with other essential amino acids to produce a specific tertiary structure (3D structure) of the protein itself. (this is know as protein folding) A simple way to think about this is that these essential amino acids are hydrophobic (oily) they tend to aggregate together in hydrophilic (polar/watery) mediums, when enough of them are together, they can form interactions spontaneously to allow the protein to fold on its own. (much like oil drops coming together on the surface of water) The protein will only become functional when it has folded into its correct 3D configuration. So the functioning of these proteins depends heavily on essential amino acids. And in fact, when you're low on these essential building blocks, protein synthesis by ribosomes comes to a halt completely!
OMG...... Its simply because of absorption of animal protein is more than plant protein in our gut. About 80 % of animal proteins which are taken get absorbed by our digestive system while for plants its only about 20% Plants and animals both contains all 20 amino acids in their body so it doesnt make any sense that animal gives essential amino acid and plant doesnt............
animal protein contains enough amount o9f proteins which is required for a week.
ok.. and wulusi did u write dat stuff ur own???
@heena Yes I did write all that on my own from what I know. @adeshshendge “About 80 % of animal proteins which are taken get absorbed by our digestive system while for plants its only about 20%” This doesn’t really explain the why part of your own question, why is that animal proteins are better than plant proteins? You’re just stating a ratio here, buy why? What is the cause? “Plants and animals both contains all 20 amino acids in their body (protein)” This isn’t exactly this is false, but it contradicts what you have just said, if we assume that absorption are 80% to animal and 20% to plant, if we find all essential amino acids within plants (given that it is at an equal ratio), then it is expected that we see absorption rates equal at 50% and 50%. But this is not the case. Simply stating that there are higher concentrations of proteins in animals doesn’t really answer the question of why is animal protein better than plant protein. It is because there is actually higher concentration of the essential amino acids within animal proteins than there are plant proteins, then it follows that by the digestion of the same amount of proteins (by dry weight) from animals would yield more essential nutrients than that of plant proteins. And thus, your body would be more adapted to the absorption of these animal proteins.
okay.. keep it up :)
Lets start debate I told about absorption by human digestive system is 80% of total animal protein taken. And only 20% of protein which are taken get absorb. clear Now about essential and nonessential amino acids. Animal proteins are made up of 20 amino acids. And plants proteins are also made up of same 20 amino acids. So there is no difference in composition as compared generally. specific source may provide any amino acid in preference but in general amino acid composition is same for both sources. Agree? Do reply to my answer.
Yes you're right in saying that all proteins whether if they are coming from animals or plants are composed of the same 20 basic amino acid building blocks. There is no argument for that. The percentage ratios are a bit misleading in the sense that its not clear whether among 100% of the proteins absorbed by humans from diet, 80% of it comes from animals, and 20% comes from plants. Or the efficiency of the absorption in the human digestive system is tuned to 80% absorption to animal protein and 20% to plant protein. These two concepts are very different, if you meant the first case then I would agree with you, do you have a source for the 80% to 20% ratio? In order to answer the question of which protein is better to humans, plant or animal. We have to take into account the ratio of these building blocks that form these proteins. One protein may contain twice the amount of one particular amino acid than the other one. In terms of essential amino acid, this is the same, one protein may contain up to twice the amount of one essential amino acid than another, so it is assumed that the nutritional value of this protein is higher than that of its counterpart. And animal proteins, in general tend to have higher concentrations than plants do.
the efficiency of the absorption in the human digestive system is tuned to 80% absorption to animal protein and 20% to plant protein. If i take 100 gm of animal protein then 80gm will absorbed This difference is due to protein modification are different in plants as compare to animal proteins. Human can not break down them. proteins are absorbed as amino acid so need to be digested
ok fine plz nw ma ques...

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