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When and why do you become someone's fan?

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I am trying to understand whether having a lot of fans has any meaning.
People usually fan others for one of two reasons: they are interested in that person or they want to send that other person a fan message.
I don't know if that helps or not.

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Other answers:

Usually because they are interested in the person either by the chat or by working with the person who asked the question
It's an interesting thing to discuss. Are you thinking about making changes to it?
Interestingly enough once you fan someone you cannot un-fan them
actually, you CAN un-fan them
Really!? i didn't even notice.
Yeah, I didn't figure it out at first either, but after being here for a while, I eventually figured it out.
Oh i see it's the little black dot when ever you highlight a persons profile.
I would say same as Hero however I have seen that other fan each other just for experience (but I haven't noticed that it adds experience or I just don't know to which group it adds experience :D)
to send them a private message via fan message
yes i haven't noticed any xp points being added everytime you get a fan maybe thats a bug?
lilg fan messages aren't private
I fan people who help me and also fan people who have shown me that they really wanted to figure out how to do a problem
or problem(s)
I also fan people who I feel have superior smarts
compared to my own
i think becoming a fan of someone is like supporting his work,experience,knowledge ect.
Fanning does not give you experience, no. Experience at the moment is reserved for specific groups, and fans are a global concept.
I am pretty sure I get message saying you got 100xp when someone fan's me
yeah just tested, it's true, screen attached
1 Attachment
This is a great discussion. So, to recap: 1. When you are interested in that person (in reverse, people with a lot of fans have been found interesting x times) 2. When you want to say something in private - a kluge for private message, except not really private. 3. When someone has helped you ( yes, more fans, you have been found helpful more often) 4. When you think someone is smart (documents perception of intelligence) 5. You support them, ie. like #1 you find them interesting. 6. Someone liked your attitude to learning, wanting to learn etc. (So tells me that you have a good attitude.) So positive things. So Number of Fans can globally report on Positive Attributes. Yes?
cool discussion lol :P i missed it
I want to hear what you say Saso. Always!
Any other additions welcome. Yes, I am wondering what this documents and how it can be useful to you, the user.
missed one mine point :P but in general yes
7. People fan someone to gain an Xp. (Sorry Tomas, I was waiting for Shadowfiend) (so here I could not really tease out the self serving motive, I fan you to get me points.)
I fan people most often than not because i think they need help due to their previous questions, when they notice i fanned them, sometimes, some of them do fan me back, we establish a connection through that and they can ask me to help them personally via "testimonials"... I fan others cos I think they're smarter than me and I can get help from them anytime... at least once they notice i fanned them, i have their attention cos not everyone uses the chat actually... I also do fan others because (I'll tell the truth), simply, they are girls... that's all :D that said though, i haven't fanned all the ppl i think are smarter than me cos I can always talk to them if the need be someway somehow without necessarily being their fan
8. To connect to people (ahem, girls) (So when someone has a lot of fans, they are people that other users have wanted to connect to, to get to know, to become a friend of, so OpenStudy is not a lonely place anymore. SO people with a lot of fans are Socially Liked) How about that?
Well it's no necessary for xp, it was only my assumption and, as shadowfiend said you don't get xp, but anyway there are people who just say "fan me, I will fan you back" , I just saw it like one hour ago
But you had a gif for proof
oh also about girls, I saw in chat someone saying "when you have a woman picture you get more fans" and then someone answered "oh cool, I will put sexy girl to get more fans" :D
That is so funny. Serves them right. AAAAH.
As I understand uou don't get xp when fanned, it's just shows that you do
You are right, I just checked.
that's why i fan hero my math tutor :)
why because they think u r nice and help em
I become a fan if someone is really helpful and has helped me out of a tough problem or question.
or they r nice
I fan people because of the problems
I fan people when they are hot
i fan ppl, to help and be helped
I fan people who earn my respect

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