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You believe that a law allowing sustainable yield logging in national forests would benefit Vermont. How would you go about getting your idea made into law? Describe the roles of informal affinity groups, interest groups, lobbies and lobbyists and the media in relation to the current formal legislative process and United States Constitution? Does the current process or structure need to be changed or steamlined?
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The process could always be streamlined, as generally government process are very slow and very cumbersome. If you wanted to get a new law more favorable to logging in Vermont, then you would contact those groups or associations that generally are in favor of "less regulation", unions who jobs might be affected, and those lobbying groups that are in favor of less regulation and emphasize improving the economy. Then you would hold a press conference with some of these with you, and go on TV with the resulting studies and the negative impact on labor and the Vermont economy of the current legislation that reduces or prohibits logging. Finally, you would inlicit support from state legislators. And then see what happens. wmw

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