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So a graph had points that are not connected and the question is "Describe and correct the error in classifying the domain". The points are: (1,5)(2,10)(3,15)(4,20)

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Would have to see the graph.
can you graph it on a paper near u plz, I really need help
what are you not understanding? looks to me y=5x

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Other answers:

The question is to describe and correct the error in classifying the domain. So what is the description and classification of the domain?
Huh? r u asking me a question or answer that other person
The domain of the points you gave is {1,2,3,4}
Well I was going to try to help you but I will turn you over to the superior intelligence of "theabsurd"
I'm asking you Anikate, what's the problem?
lets me say it again
@mertsj I'm only good at algebra and a bit of geometry, i'm far from skilled in math.
So a graph had points that are not connected and the question is "Describe and correct the error in classifying the domain". The points are: (1,5)(2,10)(3,15)(4,20)
The points are graphed in the textbook where I got this question from
Ok I don't understand what needs to be done.
I need to correct the graph and I also forgot to say one thing " The domain is continuous"
Graph the question on a paper first then solve it
Ok. So let's start over now.
The domain is continuous
The problem you posted said to correct the error.
Can you correct an error if you don't know what the error is?
that's what I'm supposed to do
idk the error itself
First the error must be identified.
yup, bulls eye
So all you have given is 4 ordered pairs.
yup and the x axis goes up to 5 and the y axis goes up to . Graph it on a paper it will make it easier
y axis goes up to 25
These ordered pairs contain no errors. So there must be more to the problem or you have mis-stated the problem or something.
Because there is nothing to correct from what you have posted.
Yes. I can easily graph those ordered pairs but what good would that do? That would not show me an error to correct.
dont leave I'm going to post a picture
|dw:1324515583912:dw| the scribbled part id the part we do not need the graph also extends into the negatives.
the graph also extends into the negative
but only till -5 for y axis and -1 for x axis
I do not know how to make you understand that you have to post the entire problem. I could easily have graphed those ordered pairs myself but that GIVES ME NO ERROR TO IDENTIFY AND CORRECT!!! WHAT IS THE REST OF THE PROBLEM???????
Can you plz give me an example of a continuous line on a graph with points plz
oh ok now I get it
I got the anwer
There should only be 2 end points
thx buddy
There are no endpoints on a continuous line.
I just didn't put all 4 points on the line because it was easier not to.
then what is a discrete line
The attachment is the picture and right beside the picture there is a question that says Describe and correct the eerror in classifying the domain.
1 Attachment
Remember when you said that the question is in complete. What part is incomplete?
Well, by golly, you finally posted the entire problem. It's a miracle. And it only took an hour.
Do you see that the graph shows exactly 4 points?
Do you understand that the domain of those 4 points is {1,2,3,4} ?
Do you see that the caption of the graph says that the domain in continuous?
yeah I said that
and that's when I got my answer
Do you think, when you look at the graph, that that caption is true?
Do you think that might be the error that you are supposed to correct?
yes, but in a continuous line is it neccessary to have 2 point or is it neccessary to connect the line
The domain is described as "continuous".
That is not true.
yes so, how do u know?
The problem said to describe and correct the error.
The description of the error is that the domain is not continuous.
The correction of the error is that the domain is discrete.
yes, but how do u explain that? do u have proof
what in the graph tells u that
If the domain were continuous, there would be a point whose x value is 1/2 and 3/4 and 1.5 and 50, and 900 and -8 and -30.6 and.....
So since I can name numbers which are not in the domain, I know the domain is NOT continuous.
like 5?
Any number you want to name, sweetheart, except 1,2,3,4
ok so 5 is ok right?
How are you going to answer the question?
Post your answer and I will see if it is right.
k brb
just a minute
r u still there?
r u still there?
1 Attachment
This is my answer
r u still there?
Hello? brb
So you have made the graph match the description. I think the problem said to correct the description. Therefore, I think you should have said
"The domain in not continuous. The domain in discrete. If the domain were continuous, the graph would be a line."
r u still there?
I'm even supposed to graph it, but thanks
"Describe and correct the error in classifying the domain". That was the question you were supposed to answer. Nowhere does it mention making the graph match the description.
r u still there?
my annoying teacher told me to

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