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Release 12/23/2011.

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hmm i wonder whappened today
Mostly bug fixes for non-moderators: - We now only display 10 questions at a time unless you scroll. This should help issues with the site slowing down if you don't reload the page for a long time. - Questions now have a delete button on the right side as well as the left. - The kick button is back in action. - The ability for global mods to track kicks so we can notice when people are abusing the kick functionality. - Fix an issue with Firefox 3.6 and the signup popup. - Fix an issue where replying to a question would remove you from the list of viewers of the question. - More fixes/tweaks for chat scrolling/autoload. - Massive improvements for moderators, which should hopefully manifest for you in better handling of abuse reports. Moderators, look out for an email pointing you to some of the new goodness! As always, let us know if something is totally b0rked :)
YAY! i like these fixess!

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Other answers:

me too!!!!
Cool, thanks :D
you have button to kick people who are not in group (probably just nothing happens) and if you mouse over them it says group undefined. Maybe it's intended i don't know
Right, so it shouldn't say group undefined. We need to look into that. The thing is that currently all profile tooltips you view on page use your current group as a context for level indicators and whatnot. That's valid logic for everything except the chat windows from other groups. This is an inconsistency that we're aware of and we have plans to fix. However, when I was restoring the kick button fixing the context of the tooltips was a little bit outside the context of what I was working on - so I left it that way. We've got some tooltip improvements coming down the pipe soon anyway.
also this may occur when particular person was member of the group and later left it, so if you go to his questions/answers you can see his profile but i haven't tested it

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