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hi can anyone give me any ideas of why should we build water park for kids cuz i have to write a persuasive letter in my english class and i need a really good reasons plzzzz help me!!!

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help me plzzz :( :'(
becausue during the summer kids like to play in water and the oceane has scary rip tides and over crowded swimmimg pool are very dangerous :)
because it will help physical activity, keep kids away from doing badthings (drugs,sex,alcohol), social interaction

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Other answers:

Because it helps kids stay away of computer games. It makes them active, better mood, and having fun. Gud luck
Also it allows kids to play with other kids in a relatively safe environment and it's an easy way to stay cool when it's hot. They are also a lot of fun. I loved water parks as a kid. Still do as an adult!
Whatever you use for your arguments, keep them short and to the point. Make sure your spelling is correct as anyone in a position of authority - the person who may approve the water park - is likely to be put off by bad spelling and/or grammar. Main points to include could be: safe play environment, good and healthy physical learning area, place to develop social skills, place also for parents to meet their child's friends' parents, place to help control/monitor child's play/behaviour, community facilities help to develop a sense of community, reduce feelings of alienation and can help to reduce crime rates. Hope these give you some direction, cheers.
thx everyone that really helped me!

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