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how do you determine what method to use? please show your steps on solving this for me –y + 3x +6 y=–6x +125

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Use the method of substitution.
You could also just add the equations and go from there.
Or you could use a 2 x 2 matrix and solve by performing row operations.

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Other answers:

Or you could also... (you get the idea)
lol, cramers rule ?
How about using gauss-siedal?
You could also use the OpenStudy Method. Or you could use WolframAlpha.
yes, but I like Gaussian elimination more.
Yeah but you're smart, so shut up :-P
+1 For gauss elimination. Everybody loves reduced row echelon forms!
Lol, of course you will end up calculating the rank too.
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across, it's only valid for this year. we all know the world is ending in 2012.
Haha. The Premium Version comes with random, unrelated commentary from fewscrewsmissing and friends.
btw no body noticed that given system of equations are incorrect so none of our rules are applicable.
I was too busy providing random, unrelated comments.
First one to find the = wins
slaaibak, don't you have escape ark tickets ?
Sadly, there are idiots out there who fall for that.
fool, you underestimate me, who do you think gave them the idea?! across, in 12 months, we'll see who will be laughing!
I win, slaaibak.
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well played, sir
I have a fun OS idea: We should play a hide and seek game.
haha :D
How will it work?
and how will that work @across
But it would not work since OpenStudy™ has a strong SuperStalk™ department up.
Just ask FSM.
I believe stalking is a skill. And it requires perseverance.
I meant to say earlier across, nice curtains.
I don't know WHAT they're teaching the kids in school these days.
lol Yes we are happy people :D
The worst: Facebook. Oh my word, that shorthand. I can't take it. I never thought apostrophes were so difficult to master.
Oh don't get me started. I get a message from anyone under the age of about 18, and it takes a good ten minutes to decipher. You can't tell me that coming up with such creative ways to abuse the English language is somehow more time-efficient than simply using the correct spelling and grammar.
Haha, this is one of the funniest threads ever!
They taught me a) How to spell b) How to conduct myself in public and e) Not the alphabet.
He can see into your house. He is a stalker.
@across, it was a reference to the stalking ;) Nice car you've got there.
She's German; Germans make the best cars.
cljay281, I want to see you pass your test.
Mercedes all the way!
"cljay281, I want to see you pass your test." Funniest. Comment. Ever.
NO. Audi>>>
Yep, Audi!
I mean um... good luck to you cljay281, I wish you well in your future studies.
FSM: You're a superhero!! Congrats! :D
hahaha. I so badly wanted to stay a champion. It just sounds so epic!
Cheers MRM! :-D It's all thanks to random threads like this! :-P I think I've provided usable answers to maybe 2 questions on the entirety of OS.
Alrighty friends, let's not let this thread get out of control.
Lol, I think you're a great help to many members here.
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Wow, this mod is kinda scary, I'm outta here! *scared*
I'm uncertain of him. Ba-dum, tsshh!
Feels like you're at a party and the police stops it :( Nah kidding, I'm done here too!
Sure thing. clay, if what you meant was this: –y=+3x+6, y=–6x+125, Then you could do this: 0=-3x+131 and solve for x.

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