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“That old ship, the institution of slavery, is dead, and I am glad of it. Shall I employ its captain or its manager to bear me through the ocean again?” —African American minister’s post-slavery response The speaker in the quotation above uses a metaphor to describe the situation African Americans faced after slavery. What issue is the minister addressing? 1.what method of transportation African Americans should use to escape slavery 2.Lincoln’s emancipation policy 3.whom freedmen should look to for leadership 4.whether freedmen should return to Africa or remain in the United States
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I think it is #2 or #3
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Me thinks this may come from the writings of Frederick Johnson a former slave. Johnson and Lincoln's policy helped to inspire an anti-slavery sentiment in Britain - which would/may have otherwise joined the Confederacy. Johnson used ships and sailing metaphors a lot in his writings as they symbolised a means of escape from slavery and oppression. So the answer is 3 - not many former slaves had formal education or access to resources that would enable the development of leadership skills etc. Johnson had run schools when he could. You will need to search further to confirm Johnson as the author and the meaning of his words as suggested.

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