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I have to write a 500 Paragraph essay about myself.What should I write and say?

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Oh my bad a 500 word essay
500 Paragraph essay??? OR A 500 word essay?? A 500 paragraph essay would be a book
Well, only you truly know your self. Write about what you like and what you dislike. Brainstorm a little. Write down everything you like and then write down everything you dislike. Choose to either write about your dislikes or your likes or write about them both. You can compare and contrast.

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Other answers:

Its for a school I want to get in.
For instance, who am I. I would say I am a person who loves to help others and have a passion for math, writing and computers From just asking that simple question, I have three things to write my essay on Since it is for a school you are trying to get into, the question "Who am I" is the perfect question to ask and then write about. Express your passion and goals.
500 words is pretty short though. I would pick just one of those traits and elaborate on it. That's just me.
Once you have 500 words (or even if you wrote too much!), post it here, and we'll give you a hand. I've written a bunch of similar paragraphs, and I always had trouble! Another way to think about it is how you are known in your town or school. For instance, in high school I was known for being on yearbook staff and being a team manager, and I wrote about being a team manager for sports when I encountered something like this. It wasn't the whole me, but it certainly was a large part.
Write about how you are looking to advance yourself in school. Learning things that will give you more understanding about your potential work. How you like to learn and grow. How you have done in past schools and what things you may have done in the community or church. 500 words can go fast for a writer, but my daughter is the same way she does not like to write. Try an outline of these topics and character traits you have and then just write. And as they said post it and they will help you.
Don't forget the ever-present or lurking "what do you think are your weaknesses?" Trying to be humble with this in advance can be tricky but something that you feel you may need or want to improve upon may be of use. Think about it anyway. If I'm able I'll come back and read what you come up with and give my two cents.
Dianam has a good idea. That would actually be a very good theme for a paper that you are writing to get into a school.

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