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Who's rocking with us at the OpenStudy Back to School Party?

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I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Hey OpenStudiers, we're having a party to celebrate the new school year with all of you! We're hosting the party at - a place we can share videos and songs as a group - a little something to break up the academic year. Everyone's invited, and we'll be giving out some prizes, including T-shirts and gift cards. Don't miss out! Sunday, Jan 15th, 11AM to 1PM PST. Join us, and invite your friends! 19.00 GMT
This is a hold the date. More info coming. Check our FB page. and Like us!
I'll be there!! I'm super-excited to meet more OS users!

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Other answers:

Assuming PST as Pacific standard time, check the following link to see when party begins in other time zones:
Oh you know I'm there ! !
Super excited to inundate you all with bad puns (and good music)
This is your chance to meet the ENTIRE OpenStudy team.
But we need to download that application right?
Hm. Truth.
can we uninstall jamcloud?
im gonna rock it
im gonna be wooting all around virtually!
and my bro will do the same^
Yes! :D
this is gonna be funny
congratz for being moderator
back to school?
Its on jamcloud. you guys have to download it
wats jamcloud?
its a really cool thing that lets you share stuff you can watch movies and listen to music together with others from anywhere on the planet(well where they have internet access)
You can even get prizes. Exciting stuff!
I suppose if you win the gift cards or t-shirts, the administrators of openstudy will contact you about your mailing address so they can send you the goodies.
can you give em the site to download it?
its above
Click get it now
time to buy a web cam
lol yea
i stil dont know wen
We are gonna rock it!!
can we uninstall jam cloud?

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