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Release 01/11/2012 !~!
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  • shadowfiend
Some cleanup stuff happening today: - When you reply to a question and leave, you only get one popup reply notification unless you return to the question or view your notifications. This should cut down on the volume of notifications from busy questions you're not paying attention to anymore. This also applies to emails. - If you hover over a notification popup, it will not fade away. - The current group is now shown next to the post button when asking a question. - Fan testimonials should show up more reliably when you become someone's fan via the user tooltip. - In certain situations, replies that took a while to post would appear in a different question than when you posted them if you left after posting the reply. This should no longer happen. - IE7 will properly show a message to install Chrome Frame. - IEs should now display the broadcast alerts properly. - Notifications should now show the correct username/avatar for the latest person who replies/gave a medal/fanned you. These address a few of the annoyances we've heard out there over the past few weeks, so hopefully you enjoy them!
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Some of this stuff should make for cleaner internal piping, hopefully making things a little speedier. But I make no promises to that ;).

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