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I'm new to this group and looking for an intermediate-level Spanish conversation group with some emphasis on advanced grammar review. Any feedback would be great! Muchas gracias!

MIT 21F Spanish I - IV (OCW)
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Hi Mich10! How would you define intermediate-level Spanish? I have 4 years of Spanish language instruction in high school and 1 semester in university. I am fairly competent with present tense conversations and can understand most written passages in Spanish.
Someone who has a fairly good understanding of spoken Spanish and can have a somewhat fluent conversation, with some hesitation, some assitance and some further discusion of advance grammar such as the subjunctive and past perfect. I definitely can understand and speak Spanish in the past tense. Thanks for responding!
Someone created a group "para charlar" on this site for conversational practice. the user dgo also set up an email account for people to send him/her skype names so that the group members can practice over Skype.

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Other answers:

hey, i would say that i'm low level intermediate, im slightly below jwquinn's described level and fairly well below mich10's level
and if i could delete the study group i formed i would cuz it gets no use and is prob unnecessary, can't see how tho
btw it will be almost impossible to find someone exactly on your level. imo even if you are only practicing using 75% of the Spanish you know that still has value as it will make it easier to add that other 25% when you find a speaking partner capable of understanding it. i could be wrong tho, i've never participated in a spanish speaking study group before although ive used spanish with native speakers quite a bit in the past, so we'll see
i could help
mechy, are you only wanting to help mich10? I've been trying to find someone to practice with for a couple of weeks now to no avail but I'm only only advanced beginner. are you responding to mich10 because he's intermediate?
yea i can help mich10
just curious, why him and not me?
ill help yu too lol
haha sweet!
ok, im still looking for someone that wants to practice or help with the SPEAKING part of the process, mechys kind offer does not include that (thanks anyhow mechy! but i need speaking help) maybe when mich10 said hes looking for a conversation group he meant written, i assumed we were all looking for speaking
I'm an native speaker, I can help you dgo. You just neet to tell me at what hours you are available. I usually get into OS at 9:00 ET..
thats very kind victorarana! i am available tomorrow from 6pm PT until Sunday 6pm PT (9pm ET). so anytime from Thursday evening until Sunday evening. And of course I have time next week too, but I need to find out my schedule first. Will any of those days/times work for you?
Hey everybody if you are looking for some practice I'd like some as well. I'd characterize myself as advanced but am trying to rid myself of poor grammar habits and the only way to do that is with some speaking practice alongside grammar study. Anyway, post something if you want to practice together.
I would love to join a weekend Skype session if people are available. I've been trying to learn Spanish for years. I'm an advanced beginner but I definitely would not consider myself intermediate.
Hi all. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I think it's against the rules to post contact info here but I'm guessing a private message would be fine. Language learning is different from other learning in that you have to speak to learn, not just read and write so Skyping for us is essential. If you don't have a pm from me feel free to pm me. btw I'd guess I'm an advanced beginner (in terms of reading and writing that is).

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