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if lana gives me 10 medals for good question out of 24 questions, what is the probability that she'll give me a medal for my 25th question if i ask 1 good question out of every 3 questions? please explain :) i don't know the answer but i just came up with the question which seems like a legit question too though :) help me out here guys

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So probability of asking a good question is 1/3
Assuming she sees this, the probability of her awarding a medal is approximately 1.00000000000 in 1.00000000000.

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Other answers:

Probability that Lana gives you a medal is 10/24 = 5/12.
That's how often she's awarded a medal in the past, but my amazing powers of foresight tell me it's definitely 1/1 for this one.
so far it's 0/1
LOL but oh well, lets try to figure this out before she sees it herself lol
you wanna see what spam is? check out the medallion group
im math group mod not that group's mod. :D
haha saif
not spamm
Hm, I think (may be wrong) that the two events are independent to each other so just taking the product would give you a good answer.
Legit question lol
Ok, so i delete this?
nope u don't :)
Noo, that would be bad
Lol, bad things are fun to do!
The aforementioned powers of foresight aren't powerful enough to predict the outcomes of moderator actions, so when I said 1/1....
medallion group = group for free medals all the time lol :P kinda fun
Haha seriously? So everyone in Medallion Group is level 100? :-P
NOt yet
i just started it lol :P you can join if u want, make a post and everyone gives u a medal :) and anyone who comments also gets a medal... kinda simple
LOL, let's report that group then! JK
^^ meanie saifoo :(
LOL. ;)
YAY! meanies Rule!
Haha I hunt enough undeserved medals in this group as it is ;)
That's the spirit. :D
Saifffff awee dun do that!!(: haha u report it ill be mad at u :P
You underserved medal hunterer you lol :P
meanieeee ^^^^ :P
:O Saif awe u should be nice not mean!!!!!! ;)
im trying to be different.. everyone's nice everytime.. so let's be different... try being meanie! :D
Change isnt always good
Haha U dont want me being a meanie, u really dont saif haha ;)
WE WANT CHANGE - Obama. ;)
u give 1 good question out of 3 quests hence in 24 quests u gave 8 good quests but lana smhow gives u 10 medals hence i assume she found all ur good quests good n gave u a medal for those n gave u 2 medals for 2 of the 16 bad quests n thats 2/16=1/8 hence lana will give u a medal if u gave a good quest or if she liked d bad one so i guess the probability for givin a medal is =1/3+1/8=11/24
Lol Hi saso
Hi Lana :) FSM was right lol, the probability of u giving a medal for this question was 1.0 lol
hehehe :D hes smart
nice question saso

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