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Whats a real world example for quadratics? Like in what situation would I use it?? (liberal arts)

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One example would be in architecture; perhaps you are designing an arch in a building and model it using a parabola. Or perhaps a particular production curve in economics can be approximated by a quadratic equation. Or maybe you are a sociologist who determines that the number of people in a community who smoke versus the amount of advertising regarding the negative side effects of smoking can be modeled by a hyperbola. You'll notice that many of the examples I gave involved mathematical models. Though it may be easy to just assume the only people using mathematics are scientists, any number of professionals use models like these in the day-to-day work in their profession.
paths of projectiles
distance traveled by the any freely falling body during the time t is in quadratic in nature, and time t is the variable ,like D=ut+1\2 at^2

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Other answers:

u,a are constants here
Thanks you guys this is perfect! imperialist, do you have any examples like that for radicals??
The same reasoning could apply. Perhaps if you consider the smoking example I gave, maybe the number of people who smoke increases proportional to the square root of the amount of billboards in the community. Really, anything that you think could possibly have any correlation can be modeled by a mathematical model, which often involve fitting equations to data. Depending on the situation, any number of curves (radicals, quadratics, sine curves, exponential curves, log curves, even weirder things) might be the best fit in the model.
Hmm I see I'm very good with this and I knew 2 examples for this six things open sentences ,equation of a line, system of linear, radical, factoring, and quadratics
I'm NOT* very good
do u know any more common examples where quadratic nature is applied in daily life?
yes something simple like you would use radicals if you ever need to count your money blah blah blah.

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