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Air pollution , sources

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can any1 giv me some notes on thistopic?
hmm... google it best way :)
ya ......... actually i wanted 2 post here sumthing bbut it wud b gr8 if somone helped me i hav a seminar 2morrow

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Other answers:

seminar.. cool ok lets have cross ques... wat say?? by this u can be well prepared... and u can google too it ur life line if u need..
wat do u mean by air pollution..
hmm........sry heena am not in d mood.....really sry:( really tired thank u luv u
np even i m nt m to apk liye que dhundh ri ti nd found smthng had a luk I need to know as much as I can about acid rain, because I am doing a project on it. So please tell me as much as you can about acid rain. Nikki, 13 yrs Livonia, USA A. The Acidification Phenomenon: Acid rain is the product of chemical reactions between airborne pollution (sulfur and nitrogen compounds) and atmospheric water and oxygen. Once in the atmosphere, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) react with other chemicals to form sulfuric and nitric acids. These substances can stay in the atmosphere for several days and travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers before falling back to the earth’s surface as acid rain. This process is more accurately termed “acid deposition, “because acidity can travel to the earth’s surface in many forms: rain, snow, fog, dew, particles (dry deposition), or aerosol gases. Although sulfur and nitrogen compounds can be generated by biological processes such as natural soil decomposition or other natural sources such as volcanoes, most sulfur emitted into the atmosphere results from anthropogenic (of human origin) activities. Coal-and-oil-fired power-generating stations, domestic heating, biomass burning, various industrial processes, and transportation are all important sources of emissions that cause acid deposition. The documented effects of air pollution and acid deposition include the following: - Major contributions to forest decline, possibly in complex interactions with natural stresses - Release of toxic metals such as aluminium that can damage soils, vegetation, and surface waters - Direct damage to crops and vegetation by high air concentrations of pollutants or indirect damage through chemical changes in the soil - Damage to acquatic resources and their ecosystems - Increased rate of erosion of monuments, buildings, and other cultural and commercial resources - Direct, adverse effects on human health, especially for sensitive populations with respiratory or cardiovascular problems. Emissions from large point sources of sulfur emissions such as power plants were once considered a local problem. As awareness of the harmful effects of these pollutants grew, however, new facilities were built with taller smokestacks, designed to spread the pollution over a larger area. This wide dispersion makes the long-range acidification problem and its possible solutions a national and regional concern.
thanks dear:)
actually mene sirf main matter edit kiya h nthng more bki sc paste kiya
ur welcome mam.. :) or kya ho rha h??
kuch bhi to nahi bahuuuut bhuk lagi hai yaaaaar:(
mje bhi pta m kal bhi late ghar ai or aj bhi due to xtra clases tired... :( or abhi bhi parhna h :(

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