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Protest SOPA and PIPA.

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You may notice our logo is censored today. We are protesting two pieces of legislation currently under consideration in the United States Congress. The House of Representatives is considering the Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, and the Senate is considering the PROTECT IP Act, PIPA.
These two bills are currently working their way into laws, and sacrifice freedom of speech on the internet in the name of copyright protection. Under these bills, if one OpenStudy user posts a link to pirated content, all of OpenStudy could be taken down for an indeterminate amount of time, without due process.
I don't understand.

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Other answers:

You can learn more about the strike at and more about how SOPA and PIPA work technically at .
I know some of you are not voting age—please encourage your parents to contact their representatives in Congress. We are joining Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, and many others in this call. I know some of you are not in the United States. You can petition the US State Department; more information at .
So do you mean someone posted a link to pirated content just now? Because I just noticed that the website got stuck for a while and when clicked on refresh, it said new features incoming. The site didn't work for me for a few minutes.
first time i m glad tat i m not just a spectator in this injustice coz i m also against of it but cant show them,... is there any help required by me plz just say sir.. i m ready to help..
pratu: No, the site got suck because we were rebooting to update the logos. These bills have not been passed, and are not law yet. But we are protesting to try and prevent that from happening. Wikipedia and others are doing the same. In fact, Wikipedia is shut down almost completely.
You can write your representatives at and call them using the form on wikipedia at .
(Wikipedia is shut down almost completely -> in the US.)
i knw i saw that links.. sir they were asking abu address widout it unable to write help..
my site isnt used much but i am soooo going on strike! watch me! :D :P
heena, are you outside the US? Also, farmdawg properly points out -> English wikipedia is blacked out around the world.
i m from INDIA and i knw wat is going on.. but i cant write adress plz find some way
I'm officially anti SOPA!
I hope this doesn't become an official holiday lol where it turns out that it'll be "remembered" annually ...
I heard SOPA was losing momentum?
SOPA itself was shelved, but the head of the committee has just announced it will be back under consideration in February. PIPA is up for debate on January 24th.
The online contact form on the U.S. Senate's website is "experiencing technical difficulties." I guess it has had a lot of traffic today - keep up the good work! If you try to submit an online statement to your senator, be prepared to end up making a phone call (I called both mine) instead...
And I'd like to add, well done Open Study for posting about this on the site!
Indeed, and for everyone—phone calls are ALWAYS more effective. Wikipedia's form will give you phone numbers for your representatives.
I am not in US, I have protested via, can I do anything more?
Not for now, unless you have friends in the US you can ask to call their representatives. We'll keep an eye out and try to post any major updates.
Yes, I have a few, I think they are aware of this, but anyways I will ask them now.
Greatly appreciate it, thanks.
YouTube should participate in this as well.
if sopa passes, facebook will "die" in only a week, twitter will be almost useless, youtube will be boring, google will have less search results... are these people thinking or do they even have brains?
No, they have brains. The agenda is obviously to kill the internet.
Well, the internet as we know it at least.
I think SOPA and PIPA is trying to crack down on individuals. Instead of punishing piracy companies, they want to punish the individuals that use them
Since you won't be able to post pirated links on any major websites, the only thing left is email, facebook, skype, and other such accounts. As soon as they catch anyone posting such links on those accounts, the individual will most likely be condemned.
that's quite unfortunately not how it's going to work... when the law is passed, all URLs will be tracked and it will define how we share things on the internet, so whether it's on skype or facebook or email, so far as u click a link to a blacklisted site, your ISP will notice and then the law takes over from there.... that really sucks! apparently the blacklist is huge and if the law should pass, we're all doomed!
i said when lol, i meant IF the law is passed....
So basically, open up the FEMA camps.
FEMA concentration camps
I just looked that up google but i don't really know what FEMA concentration camps are lol
Well, if what you say is true, you'll eventually find out. an interview that tells almost all about SOPA and PIPA
I fully support the sentiment expressed above. Here is a summary of some action points that any "content creator" can follow if they really want to ensure this bill does not go through (summary taken from 1) Point out some of the content that you've got on your own sites that could be harmed, blacklisted or removed that you wouldn't be able to talk about under this new bill. 2) Put together something that says that you understand that the law is out of date here and needs to be updated. 3) Either find a decent proposal that you support or come up with something for updating these outdated laws and start that dialogue of how we can rationally update the intellectual property law to reflect the digital medium we are in. We haven't had a rational intellectual property law passed that actually listened to us the users and creators. Other good sources of information:,
for a second i thought u were gonna get into the move with it like go along with it? then i hovered and i understood hehe:)
If SOPA and PIPA passes, it will do so because We The People no longer have any power. This passing will only prove that.
Nj Openstudy :D you gotta love OpenStudy
Does this have anything to do with Pipa Middleton?
Haha. No, PIPA is one of the pieces of legislation we're protesting. It's an acronym for the "Protect Intellectual Property Act". shadowfiend gives a pretty good explanation above.
oh ok
We the people are winning apparently as far as from what I've heard so far.
just right recently a group of people protest in New York City

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