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Q- If all matter was made of neutral particles like neutrons, what would happen? a-there would be no force of friction b-there would be no tension in the spring c-it would not be possible to sit on a chair d-the earth could not move around the sun ?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • JamesJ
Very nice question. chemical bonds and the other interactions between atoms are what gives strength to materials. If you had a spring made entirely of neutrons, it would be hopelessly brittle and break if you tried to stretch it out. So B is a right answer. Now why are the other answers not right? For example, D. Gravity is not contingent on the type of matter you have. Provided it has mass, gravity should continue to work. So in 'Neutron Universe', the earth would continue to feel the sun's gravity. A and C are a little more subtle. I'll leave them for you or someone else who would like to take a stab at them.
  • unicorn
as James j all ready explained the ans now i am going to explain option A and C lets me first tell you about friction first of all friction is a force which depend on two factor 1.μ 2. normal reaction μ depend on the roughness of the two surface in contact so if matter is made up of only neutrino there still be some deformity or ups and down at molecular level and secondly NORMAL reaction depends how hard a body press the surface in contact which actually depend on gravitational pull so friction will continues to act if universe is made of neutrino and as far as option C is concern i think you know the ans now

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