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Release 01/19/2012, part 2!!

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More bug fixes, all for free! - Fix some issues with chat loading that were causing problems in the browser. - Sort online members list only for the current group. This should improve performance while you're using the site. - Avoid the jittering that currently happens when you initially open a group chat. - Fix an issue where Firefox was showing spraguer's avatar while loading real user avatars. We now correctly show no image until we have the right image loaded. - Don't hide the group dropdown if you leave a group. - Close the group search if you click on notifications while it's up. - Fix question deleting (things were a bit broken in this regard, though the questions still got deleted). - More backend memory usage improvements. - New users no longer see their first notification with a darkened background. Let us know if you spot anything going wrong!
did we have to pay before....?
o well good job!

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Shadowfiend charges me to use the site. :(
now shadow...u please dont do that to my friend matt here!
Shadowfiend needs his money though.
If only it was just money...
i know a song saying there is money on my mind
i just listened to it off the radio its called headlines..i think

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