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can some one explain to me the survival of the fittest ?

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darwanian theory that in the world some ppl are born worthy in terms of traits and some are weak....due to scarcity of resources there emerges a competition in which the strongest individual acquires wealth,fame while the weak have to was also approved by aristotle who said that some men are born to rule and some are born to be slaves
thank you tanusingh for reply me thanks
The Darwinian theory of evolution maintains that survival of the fittest refers to those that have the characteristics that make them more likely to survive in changing conditions. It has nothing to do with the accumulation of wealth or fame. Some species survive because they have random changes that, over time, help that species to survive changing conditions. The "weak" do not perish as a result and slavery is of no relevance to this topic.

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Other answers:

hey cryptic was i that wrong?
Afraid so, but that's OK. It is a topic that many people find confusing even teachers. Even Darwin was not able to see where the changes occurred that caused, usually physical, differences ie genetic level. The fitness referred to is the fitness of random alterations at a genetic level to be able to survive and become a permanent part of the evolving plant or animal. Sometimes the changes may be sparked by new surroundings and/or competition for resources but the fitness is not the ability to fight others, it is the fitness or 'rightness' of the genes in their new environment. Please read further on this as it is a fascinating topic and one that you can use to demonstrate your understanding of how the world works, and I'm sure you will be able to come up with a better answer than I have just given. cheers.
cryptic do u have any idea of sayyid qutb works? nd u r a pretty good motivator
Thank you. The Koranic scholar who valued learning if I remember correctly, but I think I will do some more research on him, especially now that the Brotherhood is gaining its political strength in Egypt. The Arab culture of centuries ago lead the world in science and medicine but somehow lost the way, maybe this will herald a resurgence and some new thinking.
what is ur proffession?
i was actually watching a video on rise of politics of fear.....which deals with rise of jehad and straussian theory in the states
Professional student? I read a great deal, of anything that takes my fancy.
u are totally knowledgable..what is ur knowledge about india's international relations /
Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly...and applying the wrong remedies. - Grouch Marx My knowledge of India's international relations is sketchy, I'm aware of the nuclear issues because Australia may be a uranium supplier with the backing of the US. The relations with Pakistan and China could be better. But being the world's largest democracy with a rapidly growing economy India has an important and growing role to play on the world stage. Being relatively 'neutral' also helps India's claim for seats on major international bodies which do require more impartiality. Don't quote me on this.

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