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A community for students.

Anyone interested in a book group, where we just swap the titles of good books we've come across? (I know there's goodreads, but still.)

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I'm a bookworm, so I think that's a good idea.
I think it could be good fun! I know it's falls a little outside the realm of "study" and the aim of this site, but it would be so handy.
There are many study groups that are not related to studies. And Redwood girl, if you create this group, please let me know by replying to this post.

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Other answers:

I'm up for it. Title preferences? Books! Books, Books, Books Book Chat or . . . ? Odile
Yes, please feel free to create groups that are outside of the “study” umbrella per se. We want to see what people do with the functionality :)
Reading is one of the first formal learning activities, started even before school, so I think reading lists are most appropriate. I get twitchy if there are no books in the house.
Cryptic: where's my "Like" button? ; )
Okey doke. I created it. Let's see who else joins in . . .
I think it should be book sharing group or something like that.
It's there . . . come share your books. :)
Sorry Redwood I'm new here, what's this "Like" button? And wasn't this question slightly different when I responded?
But one of my favourites, which I've just bought after reading a library copy is 'Denialism' by Michael Specter. Any thinking person should read this, non-thinkers more so!
That was a reference to Facebook, where you can click "Like" on a person's comments. I dunno, has the question shifted? Anyway, I created the group. We'll see how active (or not) it becomes.
Give us a link, at least :)
I created it here -- don't see any indication in the URL of a change when a particular group is selected. How do I provide a link? (I'll learn something more about navigating this site . . . )
It's called "Books, Books, Books." I figured that made its purpose clear enough!
That's actually totally my fault. You can use one of the share buttons to get to the URL. We've currently got the code to properly update the address bar when you switch groups in testing, should be out by tomorrow with any luck. Sorry!
Also hopefully by tomorrow, clicking that link won't open in a new page, it'll take you to the group right here. :)

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