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can some give me some project and writing ideas

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Give me some context and I'm sure I can come up with something. A good project is to look at the concept of Denialism - how we fail to see the evidence of something and instead base our ideas and lives on belief. GM food, alternative therapies and "intelligent" design are but a few starting points. The topic is covered by Michael Specter but has plenty of scope for expansion.
it got to have social stude and science mixed
What topics have you been discussing in those classes? What topics in your writing or lit classes? What topics have come up at home, if your family is one of those that talks over current events. What about social studies interests you? Science? What interests you period, in any subject? It's better if whatever you're going to write about comes from what you yourself are interested in, and what you'd like to know more about. Writing takes a lot of work, and if you don't love what you're writing about, it can feel like a lot of drudgery. You've got to be engaged first with the material if you hope ever to engage your audience.

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Other answers:

any reallly i am at a project base school
What is the point of this particular project? What are you supposed to be doing with it? And what level are you at? (Middle school, early high, late high school?) Are you going to be delivering a presentation, writing a paper, or something else? I see by your profile that you are interested in nature and animals. Why not explore in that direction for something related both to social studies and science? Maybe looking at how we view nature or use nature now, how it fits into our lives, or doesn't. What that means for our overall health. How does it affect kids, for instance, to grow up in cities, with very little exposure to open spaces, land, sky, trees, wildlife. How might that change a person's view of the world, how might that affect development. Or you could look perhaps at the role that pets play in our lives. How dogs in particular have adapted to the human way of life. Dogs are able to read us, you know, in a way that other animals (not even wolves, who are genetically similar to dogs, and not even primates, who are genetically similar to us) cannot. There's a great Nova program called _Dogs Decoded_ that talks about this. But all of this is just bumbling around in the dark on my part. It's going to be difficult, I think, for anyone who doesn't know your interests or your context to come up with good project ideas for you. Have you bounced ideas around with other students there or with your friends?
and social studies and science and the writing i mostly like writing fiction story's and fantasy sometime i write about my life but i lost that paper but what would i put on when i write about my life.
presentation and i am a 9th grader
Okay, so you're doing a presentation. Giving a talk with visual aids of some sort, or just giving a talk? Having a poster or something to project from your laptop (if you can do that at your school) might be nice. Writing fiction and fantasy won't come into play here . . . unless you want to talk about people and stories, in general. Did you know that all people everywhere, in every time, in every place, in every culture, tell stories? Does that interest you?
yea i am want to do a tri fold
yea it does um can you help me though think of one maybe we can do one together do u have full internet access go to a website called
I'm probably not as Internet-savvy as you. Perhaps it's best if we just stay here. But now I am confused. Are you writing a *story* for this project? Or are you doing some kind of research and presenting ideas? I had had the idea it was a nonfiction project, something to do both with social studies and science. But if it's to be a story, if it's to be fiction, well you can go anywhere you like with it. If you want to post your ideas or drafts, I can respond. I have to tell you, though, I am not a fiction writer. You might want to get someone else to help you sketch out the plot of a story.
I am doing a stroy and a project

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