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Whole assortment of bug fixes today: - Fixes for the Google cache and other search bots. - Direct URIs ( and work better, don't lead to ugly ugly URIs (like - The address bar should now update as you move through groups. - Links on the site that lead to other parts of the site (e.g., questions or groups) no longer open in a new window/tab, but in the current one. - Reduced network traffic for achievement and point stuff. - Tooltips in chat show group information for the chat group, not the current questions group. This includes kick and related buttons. - Fix an issue with load more questions not working. - Sort group names in dropdown alphabetically. - Fix a bunch of visual issues in IE, particularly IE8. - Fix an issue where drawings inserted in IE8 ended up being 1000px tall regardless of their contents. - Fix an issue where an uploaded file would be posted every time you posted subsequent replies. - Fix a couple of issues with the file upload button on replies. Some new stuff should probably be coming soon, but we're still in “making everything work as smoothly as possible” mode!
Obviously you will have noticed group icons are a bit busted atm, we may do a kick in a minute to bring them back.
A'ight, kick for this fix is coming—Hero, I'd post or copy so you can finish up after the deploy :)

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Other answers:

When can we revert back to @Mathematics, @Calculus, etc. I have some ideas for that where people can choose what they want to see and what they don't. If you include checkboxes where people can just simply check off what they want to see. If they just want math they check math. If they want to see all groups they can check "all main groups". If they want to see just English and Math, then they can check English and Math. Something like that. But things can't possibly remain as they are.
And also, I kind of liked when the main page would show everybody as one big family. That was nice. I never was happy when we reverted back to the old OS but I didn't complain about it.
That's not a real link :) Try .
Hm. That's not working either. Sad face.
Ah. That's because you were “clever” when you created your group. There are spaces on either side of that group name.
Yeah, I was a bit too clever.
:) It happens. Feel free to create a new one without the spaces :D
Yup, that worked
Sweet :)
So how do I get rid of the other one?
I'll take care of it for you.
Let me know when you're ready! :)
There's nothing on that other one anyway. I'm already ready. Just make sure you delete the right one.
By the way, you haven't addressed the other stuff I mentioned yet.
Leave the group first for me, if you could.
All right, that one's been deleted. As for the other stuff, we're not likely to bring back multi-group asking or monitoring in the same way for some time. We liked it for the same reasons you did, but the overwhelming response from the community was negative, so we switched back to something everyone preferred. That said, we do want to improve how you keep track of other groups you're in, e.g. by showing you some sort of subtle notification when people ask questions in a group you're not currently looking at. But, we've been known to change course fairly quickly, so I never say never.
The only reason there was negative feedback was because the solutions I suggested were not in place. Also, my suggestion would not include "multi-group" asking. It would simply display multiple groups on the same page, but it wouldn't be "multi-group" asking. I say However, to distinguish what group each question belongs to, it is appropriate to include @Mathematics, or @Calculus, etc. I hope this is considered somehow. Instead of getting rid of it so quickly, maybe things could have been done to improve it instead?
I see what you're saying. The current version, a hybrid, precisely *is* an improvement on that design, in our minds. It allows you greater access to what others are doing, as well, giving you a stronger link to a given group. There's also little evidence that most people like to focus on multiple subjects at once. This is particularly, though not exclusively, true of those who are seeking help, who are currently the people who have the most trouble getting started on OS.
But we do have that older design in the back of our minds, particularly as the math group gets busier and questions start falling between the cracks.
They're already starting to fall through the cracks. Meanwhile, I never see any questions from other groups. I don't like continually switching screens just to see what other groups are doing.
Once again, I don't believe you would have had as many complaints if you had stayed with that model and just sought ideas for improving it rather than discarding it altogether. It really was a good model. The voices who convinced you to get rid of it were afraid of change and evolution. It happens in real life.
Those voices spoke prematurely in my opinion. I don't believe I got much of a say on the matter either. I didn't say anything because I actually liked the model.
I personally know that myininaya was one of the people who opposed it.
We don't make decisions in a vacuum, and we don't blindly follow user wishes. We didn't switch away from that just because others didn't like it, we switched away from it because *we* didn't like it once we saw it in action, either. But I'm certainly not ruling out a “home” view that brings topics from all of your groups into one place. It's just ruled out for the time being, because we have a bunch of other stuff we're working on.
I see. Well it's great that you haven't completely ruled it out. I just wanted to see if a better solution was in the works and there obviously still is, so I'm happy with that.
I'm sorry what was I opposed to? I liked doing @groups @blahblah since we had so many groups.
have so*
You're so investigative. I have to watch what I say when you are around. I could have sworn you were one of the people who opposed it.
I thought it was a good idea since we had so many math groups also there are some topics that cross over other topics
If I have a cryptography question, I think it would be nice to have people from both computer science, hacking, mathematics see it and work on it together.
Yeah, I need as much support for this as I can get. We should never have diverted from that.
I think people were abusing that and maybe that is why they got rid of it. For example english has nothing to do with math, but people would still do @math because most people were in that group.
The solution was to only allow them to continue to post only one question per group, however, allow users to see multiple groups on one page. For example, if you choose, you can see questions from physics, calculus, mathematics and English. Or if you choose, you could just see questions from English group only. Or if you choose, you can just see questions from mathematics group only. You would basically have the option to select which groups you want to see on your home page.
Right now, I don't like the current set up because it forces me to have to switch groups just to see questions from another group.
My proposal makes the "switching" process much easier.
I suppose you don't agree

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