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First, provide a fourth-grade-level explanation of the meaning of the top number and the bottom number in a faction. What type of activity may be used to help explain this concept to children while teaching them how to write fractions meaningfully? Please be specific and clear when identifying your activity. (Remember, an activity is more than just the teacher telling the students this is what it is.) Second, research online and find a website that illustrates a meaningful activity working with fractions (equivalent fractions, adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing) – one which you could u
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Interesting you bring this up, I have done extensive work with k-12 education especially with the younger ones. I would have to advise you that the most effective and efficient way to teach fourth graders would be as follows: First off, what your going to want to do is grab a ruler (any variation will work but I would recommend one with the sharp lining). When a particular fourth grader fails to meet the standards of the class, you will engage in metadisciplinary reaction punishment (it brings out the innate sense of focus and intertriangulates their sociointellectual ability), my prefered way is to lower the pants and underwear and apply the ruler to the buttox of the child with a force of approximatly 53.4 N with a rate of 4 spank-seconds. Once you see the red color development, you know its working. Good luck to you and hope this helped!

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