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ps0: notes? in the output field, why does it say syntax error? thanks

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Look at the place nicely pointed by the interpreter. What the hell '>>>' is doing here ? I think you made a bad copy/paste from idle.
it looks like someone have run code and copied it from idle and then he just pasted it there :D
this is my first time using codepad or programming or using python or anything, i highlighted the screen in IDLE after I had what I though was a good program, clicked edit, clicked copy, went to codepad, clicked paste. how else do you paste into codepad?

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Other answers:

@maitre, I see what it's pointing at but I have no idea how to not have that in there
@tomas, care to tell me how to do it correctly instead of just laughing at me? lol laughing at me is cool but maybe followed or preceded by some constructive feedback would be nice, thanks
We are not laughing at all; because we want to help you and take time to read the questions. That said, do you understand that '>>>' is not part of your program ? If this is the case, you probably know how to erase characters in an editor ?
you copied not code but standard output window
I had no idea that '>>>' was not part of the program. is codepad the editor? so do i c/p from idle into codepad and then manually delete the '>>>'? ill try doing that now. im sorry I just thought tomas was having a laugh at me. you are both very helpful so I thank both of you, I just feel like a noob all the time right now, maybe a little insecure lol
your code is only lastfirst = raw_input("What is your last name?")+" "+raw_input("What is your first name?") print lastfirst
lol ooooooh thank you that helps, i had no idea
is that good code for the problem?
did you write it yourself?
yes, after reviewing almost every thread on here about it, def needed help, but no one else wrote the code like that
'>>>' is just the way that the IDLE shell is saying 'hey, please type something here'. It is called a prompt. And I don't know if I'm right, but now I believe that you're typing all your code in the shell. That's not very efficient because the interpreter evaluates each line you entered. Is it the case ?
yes, that is the case, and it seemed very inefficient because one small error and I had to start all over again. what is a better way?
you can write your code into file and run it python
i don't understand your directions exactly. what buttons do i click? lol im sorry :/
maitre_kaio will help you since i never used IDLE :D
im not aware of being able to "write my code into" anything other than the shell with the prompts
In the IDLE shell window, go to menu 'File->New window'. This opens a new blank window. Type your program in the window. You can save it, using the menus. To run it, press F5.
ok, i guess the code's no good :( will revise it, i definitely just learned an important piece tho, thanks
wait, how am I running the program in the new window? don't i need to input first and last names when prompted in order to see if works or not? im so confused :/
whenever i click f5 in new window after typing code, it switches back to the shell and it says >>>------------------restart---------------------- >>>
Try to exit and start idle again.Sometimes it has strange behaviors. Be sure to save first.
BOOM!!!!! ahhhhhh sigh of relief
thank you :) how can i ever repay you?
i guess you guys aren't looking for payment, good stuff, til next time, peace
no we don't it's openstudy :P
Duh ? Really ? :)
haha i just meant im grateful!
No problem, keep asking.

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