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Why does firefox consume a lot of memory?
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • anonymous
you can try to use the web task manager, some of the question because of the third-party plugin problem or JS problem...Try use Chrome.
  • anonymous
Chrome uses wayyyyyy less memory and is faster :-D
  • shadowfiend
Chrome doesn't actually use *that* much less memory, it just splits out its memory usage into multiple processes so it's harder to tell how much it's actually using. Firefox has always been known as a memory hog, though. Keep in mind the Firefox UI is actually built in XML+JavaScript using a language called XUL. Pretty cool stuff. Firefox is also quite aggressive about prefetching content and caching previous pages, so you end up with memory devoted to that kind of thing. Last but not least, Firefox extensions are often a source of memory leaks, unfortunately.

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