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I am trying to get insight on about body image and societies pressures. I need opinions? specific questions:As a culture are we still just as consumed by images of beauty?Are there still rigid gender roles for men and women? Im in the process of writing an essay on "Body Branding: Cosmetic Surgery by Alissa Quart, and I just need some opinion/insight on the topic. For those of you that haven't read it, its basically statistics and interviews of young women that get cosmetic surgery for example breast augmentation and nose surgery. The whole thing focuses mostly about teenagers, 18 and under,
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Look for common threads in the interviews or statistics that seem odd/interesting. Are there any follow up statistics and interviews several years after surgery? If not, what could be some of the consequences of altering young bodies before they have had a chance to develop for themselves? Has the surgery changed the views of those involved, and/or was the surgery successful medically/image-wise? Writing opinions requires additional research not just the text you have been given to study but it will usually give you some direction. Popular magazines will have articles that you can collect and study for trends regarding male/female roles.

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