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Why em waves cannot be deflected by a suitable magnetic or an electric field? My doubt is, something made of oscillating magnetic and electric field cannot be deflected by an external field why so?

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Hmm is bending what you mean by deflection?
yea yea..
actually bending is possible or at least in my knowledge, do you remember the J.J Thompson experiment? the electron discharge tube one in which he placed two magnets by the tube causing the ray to bend. I am not so sure lemme check my book.

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Other answers:

that was the ray of electrons not em waves!
and no light is not bended by any external electric or magnetic fields at all!! :-/.. i just can't find a simple explanation!
oh yeah sorry
but hmm what if i have a magnet with me and i expose it to an em wave, wouldn't the magnetic field of the magnet cause change in the magnetic field of em wave which further would cause change in electric field.
NOO>. nothing of that sort happens.. if that were true, you would be able to deflect light, visible light via magnetic and electric fields..!! but that doesn't happen.. not one bit!
see its an interesting question.. until james would come and explain us :D!!
and what about refraction, why do you think light bends in denser medium i think maybe because atoms are closely packed together and when light has to go through them it gets effected due to their electromagnetic field... maybe not sure
no no.. bending of light is PUUREEELLLYYYY due to the fact that the velocity of the light slows down!..
strange none of my ideas work
but this stuff is interesting
dude you are in second puc, when i was in second puc, i didn't EVEN THINK ABOUT THESE STUFFFFF, you are like WAY WAY WAY ahead of me when i was your age!!
it's in the course this is why i know about it
i mean not this but a little explanation about it
even i had it in my course.. and i never gave a thought to it :P
thanks, you like physics which counts more and being passionate about it earns you bonus points you will definitely do good if you get in physics
ok this is what i got from some site "There is no first order interaction between light and an electric or magnetic field IN VACUUM until you achieve such intense fields that the vacuum decays (a nucleus with Z=1/(α) or a magnetic field about 100X as powerful as a magnetar). Also consider the Sharnhorst effect.".. so i guess what that means is we cannot create strong enough fields to deflect them may be! :-/
oh hmm maybe so what happens in processes like polarization if polarization can reduce light's intensity can't something like that help in bending of light?

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