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if i want to build a real time website like openstudy, what languages should i be looking at, starting from the most basic to the most advanced... please list the very relevant languages i'll need to know :)

Computer Science
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javascript php
first learn C programming language , with this you can learn any other languages very easily. Its a CORE .
i see, i never thought C could be used to implement web development projects

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Other answers:

no u don't need to learn C....
C is a programming language , if u can learn this , u can learn and understand any other language in cs
yes if you can learn C you will probably can learn others but I can say same about PHP if you learn PHP you can probably learn others
see now you r proving my point too
i never said it wrong, but he don't need to learn C
i dnt knw about javascript php , will learn in comming semesters :)
then only i can say about it
Well, OpenStudy is pretty complex in terms of the number of technologies we use. I'd probably start with PHP and work with that for awhile to get your Web Development chops. It won't be realtime, but you've got to start with the basics. :)
what about ruby? would u recommend it in place of php?
A site like OpenStudy sends web pages written in HTML. The design/formatting is written in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). That will get the user a static (except for some eye candy) page. Any logic on the client side (like when more posts are added to the list) is done with javascript. On the server-side, a programming language, probably one of the "P" languages (Perl, Python or PHP) is used. All of the posts, user prefs, all the tidbits of information are probably kept in an SQL (Standard Query Language) database. So to do a site like this would require HTML, CSS, javascript, a programming language and SQL at a minimum. Then you need to consider how the graphics will be made: Photoshop, GIMP? A lot of the time, this type of thing is done with LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL and a "P" language ). Hey, somebody has to keep the thing running day to day!
or maybe RRRR language? like ruby :P
So, in re: ruby: While Ruby is a beautiful language, and I use it for most new projects - it's incredibly difficult to configure the first time around. That and Rails, the most popular Web framework for Ruby, changes really quickly - so finding up-to-date documentation can be difficult.

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