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OK, I have another...How do you say "(do it)like this"? as in you are about to show somebody how to do something.

MIT 21F Spanish I - IV (OCW)
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This is tricky. Haces (You (singular) do) lo mismo (the same) or Haces esto (You do this) Part of the problem is that your word construction is very idiomatic English. For example: you don't specify if you're talking to one person or many. It doesn't matter in English, but it does in Spanish.
How about " Como este."
"Hazlo asi"? That's how I would put it, but I'm no native speaker (of Spanish).

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Other answers:

And that would be "así" con accento. Siempre se me olvidaron esos. (If that's correct? I always have trouble with that verb construction. I suppose it would go into the plural? -- "they forget themselves to me.") Too much texting on old-style cell phones, that didn't allow the addition of accents, not on an English keyboard at any rate.
D'oh -- present tense, present tense! Siempre se me olvidan esos. Tan difícil pensar en otra lingua.
Thanks everybody. I'll try them all and see which one gets the right response lol. Redwood Girl, I haven't gotten to reflexive verbs yet so you may be right but I think the way to say "I always forget these" (if thats what you're saying?) is, Siempre los olvido. Please correct me if I'm wrong! :)
you simply say, "asi".
peaches! thats it! eso es!(?) my brazilian jiujitsu teacher (he was argentinian) would always say that. thank you thank you. Redwood girl, you said that too but the hazlo threw me off. Nice one though.
"Hazlo" is the imperative form of "hacer" plus the pronoun "it" So, "Do it like this," but in the imperative. Not sure if the imperative is correct for your context.
Do it = hazlo, like this = así

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