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Hey guys! What sort of questions would you want to see in a FAQ? This would complement Sasogeek's guide and our new Ambassadors.

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First of all, great work Saso - amazing work! Secondly, as you answer this, try and remember your first time on OpenStudy, what made sense, what took a while to figure out. Try and remember that 'Aha' moment when OpenStudy just clicked for you. Thanks!
May not be relevant, maybe just a glitch. Can I delete the replies of other users? I have - not always - been given this option even when on questions asked by others. If it is possible to do this what are the rules? Should this really only be available to a moderator and/or question originator?
How do I access and respond to Fan mail/testimonials? Could do with an answer to this now also.

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Other answers:

@Cryptic, I don't know the answer to your first question. RE: your question on fan testimonials. GO click on your profile and then click on fans. You can see your fan testimonials there.
How do I report errors/glitches etc? This is for people who may not be members of this group and have problems.
@Laura, thanks. Is there a way to respond other than becoming a fan?
Cryptic: You'll see those options if you are the highest ranking user in a particular group.
no, but you can remove user from fan lists
The highest level online user is the Group Moderator with delete and kick abilities. :)
@Cryptic, not currently, though it's definitely something that we have been working on.
Hey Cryptic! If you have issues, you should post them here in the feedback group or email :)
Owlfred, not my issues but for newcomers who may not be aware of this group or where to go. Some thing for the FAQ
Good point Cryptic - we're currently walking through that FTE (First Time Experience) right now. Would love to get more of your input. Check your inbox ;)
I noticed that this question is asked a lot so you may want to include it: How to become moderator? :P
Ha yeah Tomas - we're sidestepping that one :P
also something should be about becoming moderator when you are highest level in group but I'm not sure how to formulate it
@Tomas, I see what you're saying. That'll go on the list
@Cryptic, why would you want to delete the replies of other users on any questions, particularly not questions you yourself have asked? I mean, okay, if you have asked a question and someone replies completely inappropriately, I guess I could see that. And if you were a moderator such that a given group (is that how it works?) is your responsibility, and again if a reply were inappropriate -- rude, for instance. But how common is that?
@Laura, where is this guide posted? I don't think I've ever encountered it.
Redwood Girl - it's in the works ;)
Ahhhh, okay. And here I thought I was being very dense. :)
Haha, not at all. New to OpenStudy btw?
I found the UI pretty straightforward. And then there's the code of conduct, which lays out a few basics, all of which make sense. I just prowled around a bit, to see how things worked (by looking at conversations), and then jumped in. I like some of the enhancements that have been discussed -- being able to type in a larger window for questions, being able to filter responses by user. I'd love to be able to bookmark groups -- that is, to have the current group be reflected in the URL, because then it would be easy to point someone to a particular group. Now, the only way to do that seems to be to give them the name and direct them to search the groups for it. (Or am I missing something?) I'd love a larger area for the profile, and the ability to create separate paragraphs. I guess that's really feedback, not material for a FAQ.
I found all the various windows that popped up, when I began asking or answering questions, distracting. I never read through any of them, though I suppose they're fun for the kids.
Redwood Girl: As of a few days ago, the current group is reflected in the URL. So you should be good on that front.
Omigosh! So it is. Excellent. You guys are really fast. :)
Love your input Redwood Girl - check your inbox ;)
:) It's been fun finding this site. I read about it in an article. Googled you immediately.
One question that comes up regularly when trying to promote this site is "How does OpenStudy compare to XYZ?". It would be really useful if there was a page somewhere that summarised how OS compares to other sites that are trying to do the same thing.
I found out about this site in rather a funny way. I wanted to know about the function of the golgi apparatus, so used google. It led me to a wbpage in Found a link to openstudy at the bottom. This was around May 2011, so OS looked completely different at that time.
@Redwood Girl I don't particularly wish to delete any replies, I just noticed that the ability to do so seemed to come up sometimes and I think that right should be for some other level of participant than me. If a reply can be deleted what are the rules and who has the right to do it are the matters that may need to be in the FAQ.
@Cryptic, Oh, I so completely misunderstood the point of your question! Sorry! Yes, that's a good point. One ought not ordinarily be able to delete the responses of others, as you say. Only moderators (or perhaps, in a given thread, the questioner?) should have that right, I'd think. I've seen that little red "Delete" option, too, but only on my own responses. I've availed myself of that option twice, when I found errors in something I'd posted. Deleted the original and then reposted a corrected version. :") It's not the most elegant solution, but it does the trick.
Maybe there should be an edit option and a corresponding FAQ, How to edit a question or reply.
Well, I think I see why there is not an edit option though -- if you were able to go back and edit previous entries in the thread, while maintaining that entry's place in the thread, you could end up with all sorts of illogical stuff. The corrections I've made are so immediate, before there are any other responses following mine. In that case, people in the thread will get two email notifications of essentially the same comment, but at least the integrity of the discussion itself is maintained. I'm not going back after the fact and altering something I've said in the flow of past discussion.
Fair enough. Maybe for questions only with an indicator to show that it has been modified.
another questions "How to become ambassador/intern?"
i noticed that also this question is asked often when OS was created (if someone still reading it)
I definitely still am!
how to search for questions/answers
YES! That would be ever so helpful, a search feature. If ever I want to revisit a question, or an answer, I have to go hunting through my list of responses, or the list or someone else's responses, or the notifications, to try to locate it. Sometimes, it's not easy to find.
i meant current way of searching via google
Oh, I see. That could be useful too. I sure would love a way to be able to search here within OpenStudy though. I find myself hunting for previous question-answer threads from time to time, and the only way to do it currently is to hunt one by one through the list of questions in a particular group or associated with a particular person. Or am I missing something?
you can go to your profile then you will be able to look at all of your created questions and given answers
Oh, no, I know that. Or I can go to the profile of another person who I know posted an answer in that same thread. But over time, as the number of questions in a profile add up, this can become a time-consuming hunt. There are also times when I remember the gist of my answer, or of another person's answer, but I will not necessarily remember the exact form of the question. The question may have been some multiple choice thing, for example, and so what's in the question will not necessarily trigger my memory -- because I'm often thinking (when I hunt for something) of the category of thing the explanation falls into.
well i know it you don't need to prove to me that search is needed :D I just thought from last post, saying one by one that you were going to different groups and clicking "your questions"
OIC. No, once I'm in a list (whether for the group, in my profile, or in someone else's profile), I have to hunt manually, one by one, through the list. That method works better for recent questions!
how to delete account

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