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Remind me, what do i need to master to start learning quantum mechanics, or more specifically, quantum chromodynamics?

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From the basics.
Umm, I dont think you need to master anything specifically for that, just make sure you start from the beginning of quantum mechanics. I'm sorry i dont know much about Quantum Chromodynamics, here is the wiki link,
Oh, but i meant in math. So no physics at all? I can start doing QM as soon as im done witht he math part? Yay!

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Other answers:

Have you done something about it in maths?
Im not quite sure what you mean, i just need to know what parts of math i need to master in order to understand QM. I remember i need algebra, but there was more...
yeah, you will need to understnad differential and integral calculus and differential equations.
Aw man, i dont even know what that is(exept for calculus, though i havent even started doing it)
Dont worry, you will just need the basics, enough to understand the context, thats it.
But wherever you will be starting from will teach you that. Most prbably before starting.
I read QED:a strange theory of light and matter by Richard Feynman when I was in high school. It's interesting if you already know a few concepts from QM and a lot of classical physics, but a real understanding requires the math mentioned by arcticf0x. Again, there are no shortcuts here. You need to learn pretty much all there is to know about algebra to start with calculus, and you need to be very comfortable with calculus to start with differential equations. You need to be very good at differential equations and classical physics to start with anything having to do with QM. Once you can understand the wave lectures in the Walter Lewin series, then you can begin the study of QM.
this book is nice: Zettili N. Quantum mechanics.. concepts and applications (Wiley, 2001)(ISBN 0471489433) & u should know mathematical methods eg: special func,fourier sereis,integral transformations,bessl func,matrices,complex variable,differential equation,generally see boas or arfken-weber mathematical methods book.
Turing, I just got QED a few days ago! Im gonna get into it as soon as im finished with The Elegant Universe. hosein, are they hard? Not that it matters, i just want to know.
You are quite a ways away from the mathematical methods mentioned by hosein, Inopeki. However QED has very little math in it from what I remember.
What do you do in 10th grade math class?
In the US it depends, but in 10th grade I was in algebra 2, also known as analytic geometry.
Ok, im just curious cause im getting some 10th grade material on tuesday :D

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