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Select the most accurate cause of the Punic Wars. A. The Punic Wars started due to a need to stop Greece from invading Roman territories. B. Scipio insisted on destroying Rome to avenge the death of Julius Caesar. C. The Roman Republic grew, so they needed to expand their territory by conquering other lands, including Carthage. D. Hannibal attacked Sicily during the first Punic War to stop Rome from expanding their territory.
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I believe the answer is C for the following reasons: A: Greece didn't invade Roman territories sparking the Punic Wars. The conflict was primarily between Carthage and Rome. B: Scipio Africanus was the Roman general generally credited with saving Rome from Hannibal by attacking the Carthaginians in Northern Africa directly, forcing Hannibal's recall from Italy. Later, he would go on to defeat Hannibal on his own ground decisively ending the Second Punic War. D: Hannibal did not attack Sicily in the first Punic War, though Rome did want to expand through it. Basically, though, Rome wanted to expand and Carthage was in the way.
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