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THE KITE RUNNER: I will need to facilitate a thought-provoking group discussion of a theme "Power". Any ideas? and any open questions? thanks
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Who has the real power? Do political leaders or their financial backers rule? What do people do to maintain power? Look at what has and is happening in the Middle East, how many are dying so that the ruling elite can keep their priveleges? Why do people seek positions of power? After making more than enough money to live extremely well, why do they continue to work in these positions? Why do people follow powerful figures? Do they benefit or do they become dis-illusioned? What is the cost? Why do politicians do things when doing nothing may be just as beneficial? Look at oil spills or other disasters, chemicals used to disperse oil may create more problems than just allowing the sea to remove the oil by natural processes. This could be a good exercise to go through but make sure you research enough beforehand so the discussion flows. Be ready for some heated arguments, how will you handle them? Don't be afraid to state an outrageous position just to start a discussion.
  • anonymous
I got it. I will try my best. I'm working on it. :) I made a list of sources of power and I am going to relate it to the novel, self, and the world. All the research is done. Now I am going to work on open questions and then pull out relevant quotes. Thanks for your reply! I feel motivated. haha :)

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