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a gardener has 46ft of fencing to be used to enclose a rectangular garden that has a border 2 feet wide surrounding it. if the length of the garden is to be twice its width, what will be the dimensions of the garden?

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|dw:1328999809861:dw| Can you figure it out from here?
so it would be 2(2x+4)+2(x+4)=P ?
What does P equal?

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Other answers:

You can always count on mertsj to crash the party that equation would be correct tho?
What do you think the 46 is for?
ahhh i wasn't sure...
There are 46 feet of fence, so P=46.
Mertsj, when you see me helping a student, I don't think you should interfere like that. You're the only person here that does that and I don't appreciate it. I will be discussing this with the mods. I've asked you countless times to respect my wishes, but you continue to ignore me.
you are my hero, hero! i appreciate that you didnt give me the final answer so that i could try and figure it out myself
Okay, not to worry. I will discuss this issue with the mods and hopefully get a resolution we can all agree with. The only problem is, mertsj seems to not want to communicate with me, which makes the matter much more difficult. I will be directing the mods and administrators to this chat. Thanks for providing your feedback regarding this. That helps a lot.
ok, so part b of this problem is finding the area of the garden. if the area is the length times the width would the equation be a=(x+4)(2x +4) and would a=46 squared?
Yes, however, it will be much more easier to solve if you use the first equation you created to solve for x.
The one you created where you included the P variable.
oh so just plug in 5 for x?
Precisely :)
i got a=126 but the book says the answer is 50 sq ft...
So me the work you did to find the area
Show all of your work actually...For both perimeter and area
a= (x+4)(2x+4) a= (5+4)(2(5)+4) a=(9)(14) a=126
p=2(x+4)+2(2x+4)=46 2x+8+4x+8=46 6x+16=46\ 6x=30 x=5; 2x=10 5 by 10
Yes, that is correct. Is that your corrected solution?
the book says the area is 50 sq ft, not 126
The solution is indeed 50. For next time, you have to read the question more carefully so that you can avoid making such mistakes.
ohhhhh so the inside then not the fencing....
Read the original question again
It asked for the dimensions of the garden, not the fencing
But you know that now...
So great job
haha ok so a gardener has 46 ft of fencing to be used to enclose a rectangular garden that has a border of 2 ft wide surrounding it. so the area of that would be a=2x?
are you there?
But you already calculated the correct area. I don't understand how you're still confused about this.

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