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What's an Intern?
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The OpenStudy Global Marketing Intern will be an important member of the OpenStudy online community. As part of an international team, interns will recruit students and advertise the website as a resource for members of their university and social network. Through these efforts, interns will support OpenStudy's mission of improving access to education for students across the world. Benefit: As part of a selective group of interns from across the world, you will learn valuable marketing, business development and leadership skills that stand out on college applications, job applications and resumes. You will also have the opportunity to earn incentives such as Apple and iTunes gift cards, and will receive special access to OpenStudy products and promotions before they are released to other members. Expectations: For the duration of the 10 week internship program, Global Marketing Interns will: i.Read and complete all training material, and agree to contribute at least 3 hours per week toward recruiting new participants and growing the OpenStudy community ii.Complete all assigned tasks on a weekly basis and submit a digital progress report iii.Be an active member on the OpenStudy website iv.Mentor and connect recruited students with study groups that are relevant to their interests and needs. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Think of all those people out there who do not know OpenStudy exists. You can make a difference by reaching out to them and telling them about OpenStudy, so they can join the OpenStudy community and give help and get help. In this internship we will train you to take your first steps to a professional life, mentor you and guide you as you work to raise the visibility of OpenStudy. More details on our site, in the Global Interns Study Group. Oh, and as an OpenStudy Global Intern, you will have to promise to abide by the OpenStudy Code of Conduct. So read the Code of Conduct before you start! Still want to join this epic group? Ok, go ahead fill the form and we'll take a look. The First Cohort will be launched Feb 1, so hurry up. The lines are forming! You will need to finish this in one sitting, so go ahead and get a hold of a scan of your photo id - school id, passport, driver's license etc. Yes, that is non-negotiable. If you prefer, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page and grab the essay questions so you can first write your essays in a separate text editor! Problems? Questions? Email

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